The Winners Of The Outrageous Circuits Free RETRO Game Console!

The time is here, we are announcing the winners of the free RETRO Game Console. Please see below to see the names of the winners. Please add February 2nd, 2015 to your calendar, this is the date that we will begin collecting game submissions! For any other questions regarding the contest please visit . The RETRO game consoles will start shipping this week.

We would like to congratulate all of those who received the free RETRO Game Console and wish them luck in the contest.

[ul]Reid Simonsen
Philip Polstra
Ishita Bose
James Kidd
Monte Chan
Minas Kalarakis
Euan Tebbutt
Randal Riedinger
Jose Romero Preciado
Christopher Favreau
John Safrit
Sebastian Schuster
Mike Retro Cooper
Tom Pomphrey
Ryszard Milewicz
Andrew Miller
Andre Wassen
Francois Guérette
Giovanni Di Dio Bruno
Matthew Shoemaker
Yadira Krakauer
Rajnish Baldha
Jan Van Dijk
Alex Danvy
Marco Bodoira
Lucas Vasconcelos
Marcel Molenaar
Alexander Heavner
Danie Ophem
Rogerio Penchel
Robert Jacobs
Roger Busser
Dimitar Minchev
Ryan Dawson
Paul Pankratz
Ondrej Hnyk
Giedrius Zizys
Pascal Spörri
Zhe Hu
Jose Quinones
Luis Lavandeira
Niels Jakob Buch
Crhis Taylor
Eduardo Rosario
Ian Lee
G. Andrew Duthie
Rajesh Chittiappa
Valentin Ivanov
Brett Pound
Bob Puckett
Mustafa Şen[/ul]


@ Gary - Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing what I can put together with this. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - Don’t forget you can enter more than one game and we are excited to see what you guys are able to create!

Is there any prices for someone can guess who will win the 1st place? :smiley:

@ Dat - nope! ;D


If your name is not on the list but you own a RETRO then you can still enter the contest. Just a reminder.

I have a Nokia Communicator. Is this retro enough? It can run DOOM :whistle:

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - If you make DOOM run on OC Retro the first place will most likely be yours.

Awesome and thank you GHI.

I see Robert Jacobs on the list. Is that Fokie ? If yes nice to have you back.

I see Monte Chan, and if he is who I think he is, be prepared to see a great entry from him.

All the best to all.

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Thanks! I suppose I’ve put off brushing up on my C++ as long as I can now.

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Just an FYI, the last of the free RETROs were shipped out yesterday! We can’t wait to see the game submissions to start rolling in. ;D


w00t w00t! Received my Retro today!

And it made me soooo happy :slight_smile:

Thanks GHI for sending me the device… as a return… I’ll try to make the best game for the contest :slight_smile:


FYI: I received the RETRO two days ago. Thanks@ GHI/OC!

@ iwritecode: I intend to submit an even better game!
But don’t worry, at the moment I’m still working on the basics, such as more productive debugging and dealing with the limited resources of the console. (How to load the 50 MB intro movie in 8kB RAM? :wink:

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Congratulation to all 51 winners and thanks to GHI for this sweet piece of hardware :slight_smile:

How many people did apply for a free Retro Game Console?

I didn’t apply, because I don’t know if I have enough time until the deadline.
So I just buy it. 8)

By the way:
In the shop description and on the wiki page is no comment if this is a black/white, grayscale or RGB display. This information could be interesting for people who think about to buy it.

A few days ago I got a game idea:
Tower of Hanoi

This will be a re-implementation of my game which I wrote with Turbo Pascal under DOS at my school time. My IT teacher didn’t want to make me boring with computer beginner stuff. So he offered me to write this game instead.

I’m sad that the GIF animation doesn’t work. So have a look to the linked Wikipedia page.

Downscale the movie to 128x160 pixels, increase the speed, convert the colour depth to 1 bit and enjoy the result :smiley:

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+1 for adding animated GIF support to the forum!

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:dance: Many thanks GHI/OC. I have received my Retro. After some initial issues it seems to work a treat -

  1. The Blinky program didn’t work instantly (it required symbol change)

  2. An import, compile and download of the official Retro project didn’t work for me.

@ Experimenter - What change needed to be made?

Symbol LED1 replaced with a RETRO constant such as P0_8, P0_9 or P0_19 for statement;

DigitalOut led1(LED1, false); 

to become

DigitalOut led1(P0_8, false);