The Winners Of The Outrageous Circuits Free RETRO Game Console!

@ Experimenter - I created new programs using both templates and they both compiled fine. Could you try to make a new program of each just to make sure?

Using exactly the same procedures as before;

  • The OutrageousBlinky - still compiles, still downloads and no LEDs blink unless symbol LED1 is changed.

  • The Official_RETRO - still compiles, still downloads but now WORKS!.

Yay! - At least I can now play the originally installed programs and not just my own.
(I originally just got a black screen.)

@ Experimenter - I deployed the standard OutrageousBlinky program and kept LED1 and the LED closest to the keychain hole correctly blinked. What did you have to change it to?

@ John - I believe @ experimenter is deploying the code to a Retro, not an mbuino.

@ taylorza - Ah, that he is. Yes, the LED will need to be changed if you are running it on a RETRO.

Not many submissions so far. :frowning:

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It might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I suspect/hope there are a few others that have not made their submissions public yet. I know of at least one…

Not sure who you’re thinking of, but for me, at least, I ran out of time to complete my game. I got as far as a star field and a sprite, but that’s it. :frowning:

@ devhammer - That is a pity, you should stil make a go of it and try complete your game, regardless of the competition.

@ taylorza - Indeed. Probably a good project for me to work on with my boys…just have to have enough free time to do that. :wink:

I just got back last week from an family emergency overseas trip and could not do much… and then I see the entries from our fine folks here and gave up.

My sincere apologies to GHI but I will post a game soon… but not for the contest.

I also hope for more competitors to show their entries. However, I was truly amazed by what I saw so far. Most entries showed things I didn’t even expect to be possible on the Retro.

Regardless the results I intend to publish at least one more game. Procrestination, combined with lack of of time when needed, kept me from completing it before the deadline.

I’d like to thank GHI/OC for providing me the Retro and the opportunity to compete. In my application I stated (in many more words) my younger year programming experiences and how I sometimes miss those days. I hoped competing would revive those memories. Now that the competition is over, I can confirm to have reached that goal. The objective to create a game in the limited resources of the Retro and the mBed programming environment activated a part of my brain that I had not used for a long time. So regardless the outcome, I feel to have won what I aimed for!

Finally I want to thank the other competitors and contributors to this forum. Without you I would not have had this experience! Thank you all…