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The new FEZ is here and it is free!


Guess what is the name of the new FEZ and get a free one! (some restriction apply!)

The name is somewhere on this website…good luck finding it :slight_smile:

…more details later. Let us start with the name.


Fez Next!


Fez Raptor


Fez Ant
Fez Tronix
Fez Lovice
Fez Joalt
Fez Noend
Fez Allini


Limit, one reply per customer… haha!

FEZ Incredible
FEZ Magic


How about:
Fez hydra !!!


FEZ Architect


Fez hydra


The name is found but how did you know? Where do you see it?


On the spider gadgeteer title in this forum :wink:

.NET Gadgeteer (FEZ Spider & FEZ Hydra)



Show us some pictures, Gus.


Btw are we gonna be able to submerge it in water just like the real Hydra !!!

Oooooo a FEZ Board that can swim :smiley:

And hopefully won’t be poisonous!


Lol, you got it.

Let me see if I am allowed to post some pictures :wink:


Does this mean I won a free one???

Please say yes… ;D


You put Hydra twice. One of those won for sure! ;D


Yes you will get one for free not two:)



How does this work…?


Jimmy, read up, and you’ll find out :wink:


Haha fez hydra indeed.
Too bad I was too late ::slight_smile:


thank you, thank you, thank you… :smiley:
i think this is the first time that i actually win something… :smiley:

this is so awesome… ;D

GHI, GUS you ROCK :slight_smile:

now let’s see how well the marriage between my FEZ Spider and the FEZ HYDRA will be… ; maybe it’ll allows us to create a spider with a HYDRA Legs… LOL, reminds me of the baby monsters in the Cloverfield movie, or was it War of the Worlds ?

let me speculate how the Fez Hydra will be like. it will be kind of like the real serpent where you can extending with unlimited modules creating a really long stretch… :slight_smile:

Thank you.