The Gadgeteer book

This book is meant to be a good start for someone with no knowledge that can be used with the existing tinker kit or not, using the kit is preferred.

I want to get some feedback from those who have used it please. Was it too long, too short, not clear, good or bad…

Your feedback will help us improve this book. Maybe you can use it in your Gadgeteer class or presentation? :wink:

Edit: see the gadgeteer page for the correct link for the book


I haven’t read this one. Adding it to my weekend reading list…

@ Gus - I provided it to my students at my recent full-day class at Philly Code Camp, but we didn’t actually end up having time to use it in the class itself. Instead, I had them work on updating specific aspects of the Tinker Kit default app.

I think it’s great having a starter manual that goes along with the Tinker Kit…I see that the manual is included in the Resources section for the kit…just wish there was a way to make it more obvious for newbies. :slight_smile:

Given that you’re already shipping a set of instructions for connecting the modules for the default app, perhaps you could include a link to the PDF on that sheet?

Probably prohibitively labor-intensive, but another possibility would be having a copy of the PDF (and the default project) on the SD Card.

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Also adding to my reading list

Mine too.

I found many possible improvements. I will share the updated copy in few days.

The initiative is great, a concise Gadgeteer C# guide is very much needed.

But I find it messy at the moment and hard to read. Check the picture: it has ~10 different text styles in one page!.. Way too many. Consider reducing to 3-4.

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@ Simon from Vilnius - I agree and that is fixed already…I will post the updated version for review.

@ devhammer - are printed copies that expensive?

I wasn’t talking about printing them, which would be pretty wasteful, IMO, but putting PDF copies on the SD card that comes with the kit. The expense comes in the time it would take someone to copy the file(s) to the SD cards one by one.

But since you mention printing, that would be quite impractical, since it would require larger packaging for shipping, and would likely increase the shipping costs significantly.

Just started reading this and couldn’t believe my eyes… In the Hello World example you put an endless loop in ProgramStarted()! NO!

Other thing I’ve noticed so far is there are several occurances of double spaces in the middle of sentences. I’d suggest doing a find of " " and correcting where necessary. I also noted a dangling comma in one of your bullet lists.

Still reading…

@ ianlee74 - I saw that and corrected it. No need to continue reading. The new version will be up in few days

"In the previous chapters have seen how easy it is to use the hardware and get started on the software. "

should be…

“In the previous chapters, we have seen how easy it is to use the hardware and get started on the software.”

Ok. I was having so much fun! :wink:

I really need your help in reading and fixing my updated version of the book

My pleasure. Just let me know when the revised version is ready.

same, may have more time this week than last :frowning:

Here is what I got so far

Skip the SD card chapter. I haven’t touched it.

Note that this is just a draft, with plenty of errors so I am only asking of the overall content look good to you guys.

Here is what I am thinking. I would like to send the source to one of you (whoever is interested) to read and modify anyway they see fit! When they are done, they then pass it on to the next person to improve…and so on. Each person gets 2 days to do as much or as little as they can. If you want to add new chapters, just make sure they are simple and generic, maybe discuss here first. This is a beginner’s guide :slight_smile:

So anyone is interested in the source file of the book to improve? You will need the latest version of open office to edit the file.

you had me until the last line…


I’m with @ Brett… What’s up with that requirement? Non-starter for me.