The FEZ HAT...The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Topping!

@ Gus: I am confused. I think you meant to say “no VB” not “no C#”??
I have found that in a Visual Studio solution you can mix C# and VB projects easily. So as long as you can do this with RPi, VB should not be a problem. Perhaps someone else can comment as I do not have a RPi…

The drivers are in C# without VB support but it should be an easy port for anyone with VB experience.

The flash sale banner just pushed me over the line, mine is ordered along with a RP2!

Anyone know of any tutorials out there to get started?

FEZ HAT C# Drivers:

There is an example program in the zip file.

Got mine today. I should have them with me at nash Micro next week.


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W00t! W00t! I tried to get @ Gary to just ship yours to me and let me present it to you. Now we know who he likes best :wink:

In case anyone else is going to be in the Nashville, TN area next week, come play with Pete & I at:



I have a short question!
Are you planning on a version with CAN to support the Automotive world?

Regards Alex

I noticed that the temperature sensor IC (IC4) isn’t populated in my unit or in the product photo on the site. Is that functionality handled elsewhere on the board?


I guess that explains the “Flash SALE” :whistle:

There is a second chip on there. Just run the code and you will be able to measure the temperature.

Wrong statement. There is a second chip like I said in the previous post.

Perfect, thanks! Is it that little SOT-23 or whatever that is in the same area? I want to know where to hold my finger to heat up the sensor.


@ Pete Brown - yes the tiny sot23 right above.

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When was this flash sale? While new zealand was in darkness?

Nah, you just need to go to Specsavers as i saw it from my palatial Northland mansion this morning

I am in Indonesia and I saw it last night but it was quite late on so most likely you were in your bed when it was on. It was done by the time I woke up this morning.

it was still on in my morning time and those kiwis have a few hours of daylight before me in AU :slight_smile:

So there will be a version with gadgeteer sockets? Would love to use all the gadgeteer modules that I have invested in. :wink:

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You should even invest in more gadgeteer modules :slight_smile: The future of Gadgeteer is bright and we can’t wait to share it all.


That’s my problem, ever since I went to a Duke Nukem session I’ve got to have more modules, at some point my wife is going to get wise to the fact that my holey board has more and more modules on it.