The FEZ HAT...The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Topping!

With our continued commitment to support Windows 10 on devices (the IoT extensions), we are proud to announce the FEZ HAT. The FEZ HAT allows for a Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to connect all kinds of sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. The FEZ HAT is compatible with the RPi 2 Model B. An entire C# driver is provided for immediate use with Windows 10, and can be easily ported to Linux. The FEZ HAT is the ultimate topping for your “Pi”!

The FEZ HAT Key Features:

[ul]On-Board Analog Input and PWM chips.
Two DC Motor Drivers, suitable for building small robots.
Terminal Blocks for wiring in DC motors without the need for soldering.
Two Servo Motor Connections.
Two Multi Color LEDs, connected to PWM for thousands of colors.
Single Red LED.
Temperature Sensor.
Light Sensor.
Two user buttons.
Terminal block with 2x Analog, 2x Digital I/O, 2x PWM and power.
Female headers with SPI, I2C, 3x Analog, 3x PWM.
Dedicated power input for driving the servo motors and DC motors.
No Soldering required, completely assembled and tested.[/ul]

FEZ HAT C# Drivers:


Looking nice !

What happened to the Gadgeteer sockets ?

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All in good time, stay tuned.

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The name is brilliant :slight_smile:

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Looks like Raspberry-based BrainPad…

@ Gary - This looks hawt!

Hope it sells out…after I get mine. :wink:

It’s the same “all-in-one” approach.

Just keep checking the mailbox! :whistle:


This will be a great device for things like the ConnectTheDots example/lab.

I like Gadgeteer, of course, but as an inexpensive alternative for learning and for other things that fit within its (surprisingly large) scope, this is the perfect board.


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@ Gary - Let me see if I understand what you have here. I buy a Raspberry Pi (latest release) and the FEZ Hat. Windows 10 gets loaded on the RasPI. The FEZ Hat is mounted on the RasPi. Are the C# drivers loaded into the Hat? Programs are run on the RasPi and the Hat serves as the interface to the motor drivers and other features on the Hat. Is this accurate?

@ Bill_Wyo - the HAT is how your RPi would interface with the motors,sensors and expansion header.

@ Bill_Wyo - I think the C# drivers would be added to your Windows 10 UAP app…at least that’s what would make sense to me. Since I haven’t had a chance to play with the actual hardware yet ( :whistle: ), I can’t be 100% sure about that.

Of course, that’s correct. There’s no way to load C# drivers onto the HAT. Although, that would be cool. I wonder what it would take to make it a plug & play device that self-loads its own drivers. Is there such a plug & play mechanism for Windows 10 on RPi for devices other than USB?

Not at the moment. On-board drivers only for general use. We’re not yet at a point where folks can load custom drivers, and definitely not where we can have a full Windows plug-and-play type approach to automatically download and install drivers.

Plus, I don’t think a company like GHI wants to make those kinds of drivers anyway. It’s a lot of work, and would still require a wrapper.

Gadgeteer is as close as you get there.


@ Pete - Any updates concerning Gadgeteer, the move to github and eventual upcoming ‘Pete knows what’ items, you can, may throw at the community ?

Nothing at the moment. Build, and then the Build Tour took over my whole life from March through June. I have an important keynote in Nashville at NAMM coming up in a week so I’m heads down on that.

Then, finally, I can take some time off. :slight_smile:

My plan is to get back onto this in August. Sorry for the delay. It’s entirely on me.


Looks like a great product. One question: you say C# drivers. I assume that means C#/VB drivers? Hopefully…

@ rockybooth - no C# but porting the code is easy and we on sharing the code in different versions, even for Linux. The community is also welcome to contribute to this.