The BrainPad and TinyCLR websites, another step towards the new GHI 2.0 masterplan!

Our team has been working around the clock to execute the GHI 2.0 masterplan. The new forums are live and the new documentation is shaping up quite nicely

The new GHI Electronics website will be focused on our commercial customers. While it is still in the works, we are happy to launch the and the websites.

This website is focused on showcasing the new TinyCLR OS. It also hosts the new FEZ board, the official TinyCLR OS board. Stay tuned for a FEZ board announcement.

Here is a TinyCLR introduction video

Teachers and students are already finding the BrainPad to be a great STEM & STEAM tool. This website focuses on the educational field.

Example projects built with the BrainPad

A talk with teacher/student about the BrainPad

The main website plan
Our main website will be updated in stages. Today, we are moving forward with our plan of closing the shopping cart, as announced before Building on the great relationship we have with our distributors - #16 by trent1098s
While we are updating our main website, the old website is mirrored at and will be available for a while.


TinyCLR website look great. Good work.