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"Thanks" system


In addition to the bonus points people get, what if there was a system where people could “thank” other people for helpful posts? Mike and I were chatting about this and we thought it would be a good idea.


Yes, great idea.


“Thanks” Chris this would be cool :wink:





I have thought about this already but how do we know not 2 users have agreed to keep thanking each other? We need a way to stop bad users :slight_smile:


He chris when that hapens often then you will see that very fast is it not.
On the forum that i use we have the Karma option, It is a very nice option to give someone points.
look at for a idea how it works.
This works very wel on our forum. You can see the Karma as sort of “Thanks”


Easy. Make a poll system. It takes a minimum of 5 users to find this post helpful for the poster to get points.


I like Chris’s suggestion.

As to abuse of a Thanks system… We could establish a secret police force who will monitor the system for abuse. :stuck_out_tongue:


While I agree that a “thanks” system could be valuable, I think that we are asking too much to Josh or to the forum, right now. At least, we ask for features that need some coding or researches because they are not implemented yet.

In these circumstances, why not use a dedicated program such as PhpBB (free) or vBulletin (amongst others) ? Those have all the features we’re currently asking for and are fully functionnal right out of the box.
This would save work to Josh who could then spend his time to the code exchange or anything else he wants (who said drinking a beer ? :slight_smile: )

In fact, my feeling is that we’re asking him to reinvent the wheel. Which is a loss of time in terms of productivity (but not for knowledge, of course).


I’m pretty sure i have a full Invision Power Board license i could donate. It’s from a website i no longer run, i also have a VBulletin license - but we got sick of VB and moved to IPB when switching servers.


The trick is that Tinyclr has their own piece of software.
Look at the code exchange. They could implement a excising piece of software or create their own.

The last one is better, because they have the features they want.


@ bec: Implementing a system like this isn’t really much work. I would know, since I get these kinds of requests from my clients :wink:

Plus, this would give GHI an opportunity to have a features posts ticket thing to show off their community.


I understand. But what I was thinking is that it will end up with something comparable to an existing forum (but with another look). This is what I called “re-inventing the wheel” and thought it wasn’t worth the work needed. Even if it’s not much work each time.

That’s also for the same reasons that I (we) have moved to vBulletin some years ago when our users were asking for many (useful) features : it already exists so why don’t use it ? Plus, those boards are highly configurable/hackable to meet many needs.
Also, in my particular case, the website has been re-coded to take advantage of the board features : users’ stats, logging, rights and so on… All the hard part is done by the board program and we develop around it.

That’s only a point of vue, of course, not a criticism.


This is not comparable to any forum at all! We have “experience” system and the log in is tightly integrated with the GHI log in with codeshare with everything else. Using any forum out there will not get us the same and if it did then tweaking it to do what we want till take us as much time as doing it from scratch. Do not look at “posting” but at the very detailed back-end we have.


I have a lot planned to make everything way better, just give it a few months!


He Josh,

Maybe it is time to get a second Josh at your team :stuck_out_tongue:
That said take your time.


We accepting donations to clone Josh…are you in?


And in what form are these donations? ;D



When that can be in time, then yes i will do it.

Send me the code parts that need to be fixed and i will change it for you.