TGIF - Sneak peek

Works good :wink:


Bluetooth module?


What kind of bluetooth module? :slight_smile:

4.0 LE :slight_smile:

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great guess Johny7, great module Justin! Where’s that website again ? :wink:

Never neverland :smiley:

Sweet looking module Justin, glad to see a TGIF coming up as I missed those. So how much is shipping for a crate of modules?

I’ll just send you all my kiwi bucks I got from a recent trip, you can send me however many gadgets it’s worth.

oh, and it’d be a cooler image if the LED was lit :wink:

@ Duke Nukem - £2.59

@ Brett - the way the kiwi dollar is against the British shekel then lots of modules :wink:

tried a pick with it connected but the blue led was too bright for camera… time :wink:

How long before Creations will have this and your full back catalog? I’m all for shipping once - and this module is probably the one that has tipped it for me

Can’t wait to see the rest of it. Keep 'em coming!

Thx, like it also.

Justin: Does BLE support older phones with Bluetooth 3.0? Or it is only Bluetooth 4.0 compatible?


This reminded me. A while ago before I even knew of the existence of Gadgeteer stuff, I became a funder of the rfduino kickstarter project. ( I should be receiving all kinds of gadgets from them soon. I doubt it will make me a convert, but I think their modules will open up all kinds of cool options to wirelessly link gadgets to the gadgeteer mainboard. And I think your new product will make the ideal interface to on the mainboard side. Looking forward to it.

@ JohnySeven - you can get combined jobbies but this module is only 4.0 LE

i decided to only offer LE as combined is more expensive and the firmware and driver is far more complex…

so new gen iWhatevers, Androids and Windows 8.1 it is…

@ KiwiSaner - i use their modules in my rf pipe.

i have talked to them about using their rfduino module but documentation etc is still lacking…

Yeah… I know what you mean. At first I was quite excited about their project. But after going back to their website many times since the kickstarter listing and never seeing any new info… I started to lose a bit of interest. Then I discovered this website and almost regretted that I did not rather spend that money on more Gadgeteer modules. I’m still quite interested to see how the rfduino thing will evolve once they go live.

Justin, any idea whos chip its using CSR TI ?

@ Peter Kenyon - its the TI chip