Terrence has leveled up!

Please join us in congratulating our new Master Terrence, who leveled up on May 28, 2016 at 5:19pm EDT. Terrence has been a member since December 10, 2014 and has made a total of 322 posts, averaging 0.6 a day. Thank you for your support and commitment to our community.[line][em]This is an automated message.[/em]


I’m no master, that’s for sure. :wall:

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Thanks for all the contributions and congratulations.

nice one @ Terrence

@ Terrence, well that was fast.

I don’t think it’s official until you update your profile with a real face


Congratulations, happy to hear something aboaut LoRa.

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@ ianlee74 -

Yup, I am working with my Hollywood makeup artist. I don’t want to go “on set” without a proper mug shot.

@ Mr. John Smith - [quote]well that was fast.[/quote]

I cheated. Bought some spare points from mumble, mumble and that other guy.
Got to get ahead!

@ RoSchmi - [quote]happy to hear something about LoRa. [/quote]

Well I am glad everyone’s not bored with the new topic.

Congrats !!

Congrats :clap: :clap: :clap:

Congratulations :clap:

Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:


Well done for keeping your digital narcotic habit on an even keel up until now.

Since your now a Master you are required to give back to the community and start designing boards…

We will be expecting a LoRa enable masterpiece by the end of the month :smiley:

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@ Justin - [quote]We will be expecting a LoRa enable masterpiece by the end of the month Cheesy [/quote]

Ok here we go, soldering iron in hand…ouch, that’s freaking hot, pop, fuse blown…where is that RN2903 now that I am warmed up…

Congrats, keep up the good work here!

machine gun in hand…ouch, that’s freaking hot, pop,[/quote]
misquoted, sure, but funny my way too :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Iron - “I knew that!”