Terrence has leveled up!

aw, now you make my quote look fictitious.

@ Brett - Sorry, tried to revert back to machine gun, but I edit that post anymore. I Guess there is a time limit on how long editing is available.

New avatar for you :slight_smile:


@ EvoMotors - I like it.

LOL. Perhaps there’s a limit on how many times you can try editing a post. But anyway, I was joking about the out of context stuff :slight_smile:

@ EvoMotors - So that’s how he got that new avatar.

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@ Mr. John Smith - Yup. Wadayathink?

At some point, I will get a photo put up.

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Forgot to put my shades on @ EvoMotors, @ Mr. John Smith 8)

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Wel…, Its reading glasses, I’m getting old and cannot work without them. :open_mouth:

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@ EvoMotors - Oh, now that I look closer you are right, the glare on the lens made me jump to conclusions.

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Look at that! @ Terrence has a face. :smiley:

And I would swear he was related to @ devhammer… :think:

This must be the longest leveled up! thread ever.

Hey Terrence has a face! I remember when he joined the forum. He sure got up here fast.


Hey thanks you guys.

What a great community.

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