TE35 Issues

I recently got a brand new Hydra & TE35 for my oldest son’s birthday coming up this Sunday.

Today I went to load an app I made for him based on the Tinkr framework (using the Oct 23 SDK) and so far, it’s not good. Setup seems to be off my a couple of pixels, it flickers all over the place and touch is horrible.

Is this an issue with this SDK? An issue connecting to Hydra? A bad module? I have verified I connected it as TE35 and not T35 by accident

My G120HDR with TE-35 is off by 3 pixels. No flickering though. (can’t try touch yet)

Did you add the right component in gadgeteer designer? :wink:

I’m disappointed Gus. 1) this is me, and 2) it says it right in my first post that I verified it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely want to work to get this resolved. For now I’m going to be forced to use my T35 display since I need to get the project finished and the gifts wrapped. But I have 2 other Hydras I can test on as we come up with things for me to test.

This only happens when you have T35 instead of TE35 added in the designer. It is easy to mix them since they look very similar…

I get the need to double-check.

I’ve gone through again though, and there’s no mistaking it’s the TE35. I even deleted and readded it. Issue continues. It’s not a BIG pixel difference; it’s livable. The real thing is the flicker and the poor touch response. It does respond, just not as well as I would expect.

Also note I’m using the Oct 23rd release not the latest non-beta one. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

We can double check on our end but can you please use the latest so we are on the same page.

I’ve just updated and I’m going through now.

Screen still seems a bit flickery, not as bad. Pixels are now perfect.

Still a problem with touch though. Touch up fires immediately. As soon as I put the pen down it tells me I’ve lifted it; which I haven’t. The big issue here is that doing so makes touch moves not work.

Would you mind terribly having the guys test this specifically on the Hydra? I doubt you test every feature on every device for every release, because frankly that’d be entirely too much and you’d never get anything out. I do recall having touch issues on the Hydra on a previous firmware though, so perhaps it snuck back in?

Very specifically touch move on the TE35 on the Hydra. I’d really appreciate it. :smiley:

We specifically tested it on hydra as this is one of the improvements on last release, but no worries we will test again.

Hi Skewworks,

We do see a problem with the touch and are investigating it. We hope to reply with an answer to this problem as soon as possible.

Glad it wasn’t just me!

I have every faith you’ll get it taken care of so I’ll just continue on for now. Thanks for looking into it so quickly! :smiley:

I noticed the flickering as well. I assumed it was just me. I am glad to know that it’s not just me. I use the .NET Clix, and it’s fantastic.

Any chance this flickering is the same cause of the flickering I get with the VideoOut module in my arcade?

The original T35 doesn’t flicker so I’m not sure it would be an issue for anything other than TE35. Though the touch move issue is present on the T35 iirc

We haven’t been able to do touch screen works with G120 module. Could you please confirm if issues concerned to touch were already solved? Tks!

I haven’t received any word that it’s been resolved and there’s been no updates since I reported the issue so I would assume it is still present. I have been using a joystick to render a mouse cursor and take click/move events from that while I wait on the Hydra and a USB mouse on the G120 based Cobra II.

We are still looking into the issues with the TE35 on the Hydra and G120. We hope to have them resolved by the next SDK release.

I haven’t tested this recently myself but I’m still getting reports of this being broken on the latest build. Any news on this?

I can confirm that the touch problem on Hydra is still existing.
Hope this can be fixed soon.