Task Tracker - FEZ Raptor MUST work from within a VM

I just posted FEZ Raptor MUST work from within a VM on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

FEZ Raptor MUST work from within a VM was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Open.
Priority went from Unassigned to Minor.
[line]While we do not advertise support for VM on any of our products, we see the value in adding such support and are planning to look into it in the near future.

Thanks for the reply Gus. I would be more than happy to test, etc for you. Like I said before, I do not have the option of using a physical machine and must use a VM on my mac. So I have a pile of stuff here that is useless until this is working.


@ ibgregr - you can use bootcamp. works fine with raptor.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I have to have access to some tools on my Mac at the same time so bootcamp is not an option. I also cannot justify buying a PC just to develop for this device. I really do not understand why this does not work. The VM recognizes the device when it is connected but just doesn’t seem to speak the same language.


A basic NUC would work as a build machine and would get you moving. I Just picked one up for about $170.

After spending $400+ on this stuff I can not justify spending any more money. This is something that should work just like it does with other microcontrollers.


I have other USB interfaces, like zwave stuff, that do not work well with VMs.

My thoughts are you need to have a native interface, if you have a mac then you need an IDE for a mac, not a mac using a VM running windows. Sub $200 for a basic computer that will run windows is not that much, especially considering a +$400 investment in parts, the price of a mac vs pc, and the computer can be used for more than programming.

Heck our company is looking get replacing computers with the XP phase out. You can probably find a local company getting rid of computers that will sell them cheap if not let you have them, minus the HDs. Ours will either be picked up by employees, recycled, or have anew home in a dumpster.

I’m not going to sit here and debate this over and over. I have a need to be able to support this microcontroller from within a VM on a Mac…period. Many other of the GHI microcontrollers work fine as does the good old Arduino as well as the Netduino line. I am more than happy to help GHI test this. I do not agree with everyone saying to just throw some more hardware at it. That would just be a bandaid and finding the real solution is better. I’m sure there are many other’s out there that would love to be able to use this type of setup as it provides alot of convenience, etc.



Well I take my queue from this quote: “Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.”

Thing is the task is open and set to minor, so timeline may take a bit. Mean while, if you don’t want to wait, people are trying to come up with other options for you while you wait in the priority queue.

There has been VM issues on the Mac for several years. There has only been about five persons having an issue, including me. Most been able to use bootcamp or find another solution. Based upon priorities, I would look for anther short term solution

I use g400 including raptor modules all the time on a vm win8.1 running on VMware fusion last version. No issue at all. My MacBook is a retina 15". I connect modules to Mac USB 3 ports.

Why is so difficult to get this to work?

I have a raptor gathering dust because quite frankly using bootcamp for one single function - i.e developing for it is a real drag.

Come on, let’s make this a bit easier for those of us not on windows.

Priorities. When there is a workaround for an issue it becomes a low priority.

I have been living with the VM issue for about three years. I do not like the situation, but I understand GHI has limited resources and must assign them to the higher priority issues. I know that if I have a commercial situation, which requires VM development, I can engage GHI to fix the problem.

We will be switching to 4.3 very soon and after that we will look into this issue. We have a Mac machine ready for testing already

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@ Gus - same issues here on my Mac. Had to run Boot Camp and install windows to get it running…

Same issue, I tried last Parallels and last VirualBox - both same problem.
MacBook Pro Late2011 Mac OS Mavericks.
It’s really sad that I need reboot and use Windows for programming device.

PMDeploy can ping device, but FEZConfig can’t - it hangs on ping and then device disconnects.

Neither PMDeploy, nor FEZConfig can’t deploy firmware to Raptor, but if reboot device to Loader update (Atmel firware mode) - then bat scipts can update Loader on Atmel, so Atmel drivers works.

Visual Studio connects to device, but fails on deploying binaries.

NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-2 - Windows 8 Parallels - same problem, will test under Windows 7.

NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-2 - Windows 7 x64 under Parallels 8.

Looking for a device on transport ‘USB’
Starting device deployment…
Iteration 0
Opening port \?\usb#vid_1b9f&pid_0102#0000000001#{d32d1d64-963d-463e-874a-8ec8c8082cbf}
Attaching debugger engine…
… debugger engine attached!
Querying device assemblies…
Found Assembly mscorlib
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Native
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Security.PKCS11
Found Assembly System.Security
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.IO
Found Assembly System.IO
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Usb
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Touch
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Ink
Found Assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM
Adding pe file PATH to deployment bundle
Attempting deployment…
Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
Assemblies not successfully deployed to device.
Deployment to the device was not successful.

FEZ Config hangs on Ping

@ igofed - It is a well known that many boards have issues when accessing from VMs. Use the search function to see the prior discussions. Looking into the issue is on GHI’s list of things to do.