Supported ethernet PHY options

I am going to respin some of my boards to use native ethernet instead of the ENC28.

I had a quick look at the schematics for the sitcore SOMs and noticed they all use the DP83848 PHY.
Are there more PHYs that are supported? I am mostly interested in the DP83825I for it’s small form factor and simplicity.

It is on the list so we would be happy to help you find/use an alternative, at no cost to you! DP83825I can be a good option. All you have to do is send us a board with SITCore and DP83825I and leave the rest to us!

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At the current timeframe, I can’t take you on your offer… So I will put the DP83848 on my board.
I will send you a sitcore board with the DP83825I some other time!


Is this a external oscillator of some sort? Do you have some specs or a part number for me to use?
Would there be harm in connecting the OE to ground with a pulldown and no connection to an IO pin?

Here is the part.

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no harm but you need for lower power

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