Suggestion for FEZ Connect board


since it’s not possible to check the link status from the W5100 chip registers, could it be possible for a future revision of the FEZ connect to put a pad somewhere on the Link line so that we could put/solder a 1 pin header and then connect it to a digital pin ? This way, we could check the Link status easily.

Right now, the only solution is to solder a small wire on the Link Led (or the resistor), which is not very “elegant” solution, I think. Especially with 0805 SMDs :-[

What do you think ?

Not a bad idea.

FYI I implemented such a solution in my class “NetConfig”

It allows me for an example to renew the DHCP request when it sees the cable is connected back again :wink:

on my Wiz812 modules I have wired the link line to an IO line. I don’t use it at the moment but it was always there for future proofing it :slight_smile:

Up ! :slight_smile:

Any news on this suggestion ?

Btw, I don’t see the FEZ Connect shield anymore in the store !? :open_mouth:

:wink: welcome to Gadgeteer world ! (USBizi slowing down)

It is certainly an oversight or an error in the product pages… :wink: I can’t think that such a shield could disappear, even in a Gadgeteer world :open_mouth:

That said, I think you’re right. There seems to be a black hole in GHI labs to which USBizi boards/accessories can’t resist : Domino, Cobra,TouchScreen, Connect Shield and all those I forget :’(

I’m pretty sure it’s not an oversight. I wonder if Gus will tell us the last time a Fez Touch or Connect shield was sold… bet in the scheme of things they’ve been quiet in the past 6 months.

We still have some of these but they are not listed anymore. Those are great products fro sure but they do not work with any of the new products and we have replacements already, we have gadgeteer displays and Ethernet modules.

@ Bec a Fuel - I’ve taken to hording USBizi stuff :slight_smile:

Note to all USBizi lovers - if we can collectively come up with enough interest for 10 FEZ Ultimate kits (RE Gus’ offer for bulk discount) , I would be happy to order them and reship. I’m good for three.

Im buy Panda II and Connect shield few month’s ago, because there is not avalible any cheap board which have LAN and other functionalyty which PandaII offer… I hope that some day GHI will offer some new product, maybe something based on G120 module…

You can use use FEZ Certbuino with ENC28 Ethernet module and you will still have the shield area free to add any other shields you like. But there will be G120 offers as well so stay tuned.

It was in the “sale” section. I scored one for $20.

FEZ Certbuino Bee with ENC28 Ethernet module cost little more than Panda II + Connect shield but:

  • Does RTC work or have BUG like Cerberus or Cerb40(As Im read somewhere on forum)?
  • Does have in-field update?
  • Does support idle/hibernate?
  • AES Crypt?
  • Battery RAM?

What Im talking is that when you will dicontinue PandaII + Connect shield and not release replacement with premium library’s(And all functions will work) users will not have cheap and good product like Panda… They will have only one option which is Cobra(EMX module) and is more than half expensive…

And it’s only available “on demand” !

  1. Gus did say: “But there will be G120 offers as well so stay tuned.”
  2. We know that G120 will be a premium offering.
  3. They recently released more technical information about it, so they are getting closer (or have already) finalized plans

You are correct, there’s a gap in time between Panda II & G120 offering, but hopefully that’s a short term temporary thing.

Our success comes from fulfilling your guys needs and making you happy. We will continue to do just that and nothing else.

How do you like your panda to be updated with 16MB of RAM? Or double the clock frequency? Or 4MB more flash? And with TFT display support? Dedicated USB host? Still low price? And with wifi support?!
Wouldn’t that sound great?

You guys are comparing Cerbuino to panda too much like it is a replacement. These 2 products are from complete different categories. I suggest Cerbuino as an option, a very good option, but still not a direct replacement to panda.

You won’t be disappointed but we can’t show all of our cards yet. We are only asking you to give us some time :slight_smile: We just finished 4 new mainboards and more to come.

Want a teaser? See attached image that I am not suppose to show you and there is MORE! I am sorry but I can’t answer any of your questions about it. Ok that you saw it, it is removed :slight_smile: The point is that there is more to come.

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@ Gus - that was nasty… Show us a picture like that and then tell us you can’t answer questions. You know how to keep us comming back :slight_smile:

It looks very intriguing.

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@ godefroi - sorry for deleting your post but you do not want to get me in trouble, do you :slight_smile: I hope you do not mind.

That was there for a min just to say there is more so stay tuned.