STM32F4 and FEZ Cerbuino news

Oberon microsystems has been working on STM32F4 (cerberus) port for sometime while GHI was also working on the port. At the point we learned of each other ports, Oberon were at a more advanced stage. So instead of doing double work, we decided to work together on the port and to use their work as the base. Waiting for Oberon’s announcement, we couldn’t say more about Cerberus progress lately. Please see today’s announcement

We are glad to say that this complete and stable firmware is already running on cerberus/cerbuino/cerb40. Working with Oberon microsystems has been a pleasure to GHI Electronics. A major announcement to come from both companies which involves CSA Engineering as well, so stay tuned.

We see this cooperation as an especially important step as it demonstrates how NETMF partner companies can work hand in hand to achieve higher goals.

Now for the plan: We are currently adding GHI’s OSHW libraries to the firmware and doing some final touches. In addition, Microsoft’s Gadgeteer team is about to release a non-beta core soon. If all goes well, we will have a Release Candidate GHI package in about a week.

Thanks to Oberon microsystems, CSA Engineering and this amazing community.


Microsoft gadgeteer’s team has already release gadgeteer core 2.42.600

We will be busy for the next few days :slight_smile:

That is a great news! Congratulations!

This sounds great. Can’t wait for next announcements :slight_smile:

Adding codeplex link for the NETMF_for_STM32


Congrat to Oberon, CSA, GHI !

Very exciting, but no support for GCC :frowning:

I assume this superceeds

Very cool. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this partnership.

Incorrect, this will sill be the TinyCLR community place to work on the STM32 port then we can feed any fixes back to Oberon and to Microsoft. AN example is in adding GCC support :slight_smile:

Will it be synced with announced GHI\Oberon\CSA port?

Yes, now it is not up to date so do not use it yet. We will update it when code is ready. Shouldn’t be long.


Thank you.

I have to make a suggestion… :slight_smile:

I have been busy at work lately, so I have not been updating my software or playing with betas/OSW versions.

So I am confused.

We have the Premium/OSW libraries, we have 4.1/4.2 versions, we have GHI versions, we have community versions(?), released, beta, alpha(?), joint company

It would be nice if there was a chart identifying all of the firmware/sdk alternatives, by board, and their current status.

Based upon some of the questions I have seen lately, others are also confused, and beginners are buying boards that have unexpected “not ready for prime time” support.


@ Mike -

Good point! +1

Mike, I agree completely. I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on a Cerberus or Cerbuino, but have been hesitant given that it’s hard to keep track of the status of firmware and SDKs in a central location (the info is all here, it just tends to end up scattered across multiple forum posts).

A chart such as you describe would be VERY helpful, IMO.

There is nothing yet outside beta board, right? But I agree with you this can be confusing. This is why we want to finish it all before this goes on the support page here Support – GHI Electronics
So, for those who can handle all the confusion for the next week or so, they can help us in testing what we have so far but if it is confusing then the support page is what should be used.

This will be better and cleared up in a week or two.


@ Gus - Just to be clear…don’t mean to sound like I’m griping. GHI does a very good job of keeping us informed.

But for those of us who are visually oriented, a chart can make it easier to find the info you’re looking for.

For example, this chart:

does a great job of quickly communicating the various NETMF offerings (though needs to be updated with Cerbuino :slight_smile: ).

Actually, come to think of it, this might be as simple as adding links for the current supported SDKs to that chart…

@ devhammer - no no, it is too confusing that I am lost sometimes :slight_smile: So this is why it is still contained under beta.

we are switching to NETMF 4.2
we are switching to gadgeteer 4.2
some devices are still 4.1 but run on 4.2 SDK!

Let us get the release candidate out and if it is not clear we can make something clearer.

Unless the confusion is about something else, not the 4.1 to 4.2 move?

@ Gus

You might want to consider this as your new avatar.

sure :slight_smile: