STM32 Discovery board, NETMF port


I have manged to compile and load discovery with couple of examples that it comes with. Going through PK documentation.

First question: Do we need tinybooter or use built in boot loader.

The existing port supports two boards, one of which uses the built-in bootloader.

If we don’t use tinybooter, we lose MFDeploy support, correct? Also, the 4.2 NETMF has in-field update built in, and we’d probably lose support for that as well?

In the end, given how inexpensive these things are even with lots of flash, I think tinybooter is worth the space.

I agree, makes sense.

The M4 can be had for as little as $17 in ones with 1MB of flash. The M3 is as low as $11.44 in ones with 512KB of flash. This compared to the $13.44 of the LPC2378 (USBizi 100).

My “FEZ Ant” style design with the M3 on it could be built for under $20 per board in threes.

My goal is to learn pk, tool set, etc. I am not worried about the price for now, since I will only use eval kit that we already have.

I’m trying to get one of these but cannot find any distributor that ships over USPS to my country (Argentina). Everyone I found use FeDeX or UPS that cost not less than u$s of shipping which I cannot pay. 40 bucks of shippment for a 14 thing doesnt make sense.

Do you know of any ?

I’m also interested in using the pk and get familiar with .NETMF internals.

Sorry I don’t know.

Tomorrow I’ll try on Farnell. Once I get it I could help with the NETMF port.

By the way what compiler are you guys using to build and debug on discovery ?

i used mdk

What draws me to the STM32 is this:
[ulist]They have a 64 pin package, 10mmx10mm. Many application don’t need 80 io pins. Look at the Panda1, and my HEX board.
More ram.
USB2 High Speed, IE full 480Mb/s USB.
At 90MHz it uses half the current of the LPC[/ulist]

Looks like the STM32L1 is a good candidate for low power remote sensors.
But I’m not familiar in this (STM32) area. So here are some questions:

If I understood right, it’s possible to run the NetMF on it, right?
They do have SPI?
How are they programmed? (USB/Serial)
What is the minimum Flash/Ram size for the MF?
Is there a price known for these chips?[/ulist]

My ultimate goal is to have a base sensor node at the lowest possible cost. Then add sensors as needed (temp/hum/pir/light/…)

I don’t know what the limit is now, but the USBizi with 512K flash and 96K ram used to be the minimum…

I highly doubt that you will get the MF into 128K flash and 16K ram… :frowning:

16K ram!!! I can tell you now, do not try!

What are the minimum memory requirements to put NetMF on a microprocessor?

Just looking for opportunities here.

minimum with RDVS ($$$$$ compiler) = USBizi = 512K flash and about 100K RAM

minimum with GCC? You can somewhat guess.

You can strip it down to 128K but then it is really useless!

Reading “The Definitive Guide To The ARM Cortes-M3” Second Edition by Joseph Yiu. Good book.

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BTW, if anybody from South Africa is interested, the STM32F4DISCOVERY kit is around R130(excuding vat)(about $16) from Arrow Altech.

Just received my free Discovery kit yesterday. This looks like a great part. 1 MB Flash, 192 KB RAM,

Now looking more into their parts they have this animal. Man, i can only imagine .netmf on a dual core Arm9 :wink:

[url]STM32 Microcontrollers (MCUs) - STMicroelectronics

That’s not a microcontroller. Cortex-M is "M"icrocontroller while, Cortex-A is "A"pplications processor, i.e. the sort of thing you’d find in a single board computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.