STM32 Discovery board, NETMF port

[quote]That’s not a microcontroller. Cortex-M is "M"icrocontroller while, Cortex-A is "A"pplications processor, i.e. the sort of thing you’d find in a single board computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.

Sure but we have to admit that a 1Ghz NETMF board is pretty sweet! :slight_smile:

its my understanding that .netmf is for ARM, that is an ARM.

.NETMF is for any architecture that you’d like to port it to. Currently there are commercially available ports for many ARM devices (ARM7, ARM9, and Cortex-M3), and also for the Blackfin architecture.

The 4.2 source also seems to include ports for the SH2 (SuperH) and BF537 (Blackfin) as well as several ARM variants.

@ jdal
I looked at that the other day. Did you see the package? It’s a 628 ball PBGA, and the chip is 23mm x 23mm.

You would rather run full WinCE or Android on this. And it also only has 32KB of ram as it expects external DDR ram, and it has no flash. This is completely in another league.

Running MF on this would be like running MF on an Intel Atom, very cool, but not practical…

@ Errol,

Maybe you misread my first post about that.

never said it would be good or bad to use it. Just imagine having a small EMX board with that on it.

netmf would be insane on a dual core Arm9 @ 600mhz

To make that platform worthwhile, you’d also need to develop the drivers for stuff like SATA. It’s sure not worthwhile if you are looking for mega GPIO.

Lower and slower you go, more GPIO. Faster you go, less GPIO but more higher level stuff.

Any ideas as to what it will take to port the existing STM32 port for M3 series over to M4. I have been looking into the code and most of it seems to hold good for both.
For one, the memory map needs a redo.

I’m trying to find out the pins of the COM ports but I could not find any useful information.

Anyone tried to use the STM32 Discovery board USART ports?

If yes, what is the pin assignment of the COM ports?

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