STABLE 4.2 SDK release

Edit: This is an old post with outdated beta release. Do not use.

This release is stable NETMF 4.2 release that includes OSHW offers, Hydra and Cerberus/Cerbuino. 4.1 is still supported and included in this package.

As for other premium offers, we have 4.2 running internally but this release still uses 4.1.

Please UNINSTALL all GHI SDKs from your system before installing this release.

Do not forget to update your firmware on Hydra/Cerberus/Cerbuino.

If you are using 4.2 then this is a MUST have update.

Will give it a try tonight. Thanks!

Does this include PANDA II?

Panda II is a hybrid, so still 4.1

Nice! I will start testing the XBee library against 4.2 on Cerb boards over this holiday weekend. If all goes well, we’ll finally be publishing a beta release soon thereafter.

Will try out Hydra and Cerberus tonight. Awesome job guys!

Is there a need for firmware update… i found the TinyBooter_4_2_0_1.dfu, in cerberus firmware folder, but there seems not to be any actual cerberus firmware.


Woo! Hoo!

The TinyBooter_4_2_0_1.dfu seems rather small (about 36kB). I loaded it to cerberus, but now it seems i’m stuck at deploying 3 minutes passed and stil “preparing to deploy”.
Is the TinyBooter_4_2_0_1.dfu the correct firmware?

@ Pavel Dvoracek - With the new firmware, the dfu is no longer the firmware. It is just the tinybooter. The firmware is located in the folder on the same level as the .dfu, tinyclr.hex. You can use MFDeploy to put the new firmware on the board.

Thank for you reply… i’m new to MF, and so far have only knowledge of cerberus as it was…
Could you please provide info or link to howto for firmware update using mfdeploy?

Open MFDeploy and select USB and FEZ Cerberus_Gadgeteer. Under image file select browse… and navigate to the folder Steve gave you and select ER_CONFIG and ER_FLASH and click open. Then click on deploy and you are all set. :slight_smile:

This wiki page will be updated shortly on how to completely update the Cerberus/Cerbuino: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Thank you… I already made it, but i thing there would be more people like me, so the page would be welcomed.
I’m now testing the new firmware.

The Wiki page has been updated with newer instructions on how to update firmware for Cerberus/Cerbuino.

Is the Cerberus firmware in this package based on the new Oberon code, or the previous GHI effort?

So did this upgrade and now OneWire is broken… whats up??

We specifically tested one wire just for you :slight_smile: and it is working.

Please update your firmware.

Awesome… ill attempt again …