SPWF04 hangs on JoinNetwork (Firmware is updated)


I know that this topics has been asked several times but I didn’t find the solution there
I am trying to use the Wifi module of the FEZ.
I have updated the Wifi Firmware successfully, reloaded the firmware and reset the WiFi module to its factory settings.
I did the procedure on 2 FEZ.
Then as a test, I did used the example posted on GitHub (Arke64 wifi.cs)
The program hangs up on the wifi.JoinNetwork(SSID,pwd)
Any hints on how to troubleshoot from there.
I get the same with the 2 boards

Another question : Do you have a procedure to update the with on a UC5550 (UCM Dev Board) as I Imagine that this one needs to be updated as well.


Hi, after the wifi.JoinNetwork command you must wait in a loop for about 10 sec to give the module the time to scan the WiFi devices around. In the example this is done with the ‘WaitFor ButtonPress’. Then there must be a second wait loop to give the module the time to do the authentication.
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That’s what I did
I retry this morning before leaving.
Wait 1 min, press the button
wifi.JoinNetwork and code stays at this point forever

I tried to join the network with a other board from Mikroe. It effectively takes a few seconds to connect but it works fine. Same location for the board. wifi accessible. SSID and password correct

Do you have the latest version of the examples wifi.cs.
The older version didn’t include the code line:

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I did try the latest examples on GitHub and now the Join Network works fine :slight_smile:
The only issue I have with the sample (not critical) is the I got this error during compilation

I had to remove the resources first and the wifi.SetTlsServerRootCertificate(Resources.GetBytes(Resources.BinaryResources.DigiCertGlobalRootCA));

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We are adding a little tutorial about resources. It is in Dev now https://github.com/ghi-electronics/Docs/blob/dev/software/tinyclr/tutorials/resources.md