How to handle Resources in TinyCLR

I’m trying to run the FEZ WiFi example

I have problems to include the Certificates for TLS.

Intellisense doesn’t find ‘Resources’ and I cannot find a Resource designer as I could use in NETMF.
How is it managed to include the Certificates as Resources?
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Seems I found it:
In VS go on Tab Project -> Add Class -> select TinyClr in the left Column -> select Resourcefile

Then you have the Resource Designer as it used to be in NETMF

Could it be that you need:

// Needed for Resources
using yournamespacename.Properties;

I usually right click the project and add new, then select resource

@willgeorge Thanks, but the Using directive is not needed when the resource is created this way. Greetings from Kassel (near Frankfurt).

@Gus Thanks, that’s easier. It was a little bit irritating for me in TinyClr since NETMF automatically creates the files Resources.resx and Resources.Designer.cs. However that’s no problem.
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