Speech recognition shield for Panda / Domino

Hi :smiley: !

I am looking for some basic speech recognition hardware to make tests with a domino or panda board.
I found this one : http://www.robotshop.com/ca/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Tig-05&lang=en-US using the EasyVR board. Maybe they are others ?

I wonder if someone has experience about it, what can be expected (quality of recognition, sensitivity to noisy environement, false positives, adaptation do different voices…) ?

Thank you in advance !

I looked at Sensory’s chipsets a while ago.


At the time the chips were actually pretty cheap for what they did - and easy to implement for “voice commands”.

The SDK in your link is cool, but very expensive IMHO… maybe a DIY shield version could be done at lower cost.

Keep us posted - this would be a very nice one to see working.

I got one easyvr shield for robotshop. Will do something within a few weeks with it… Watch the code site !

hi i have a esyvr module. not shield with arduino. (http://www.veear.eu/Products/EasyVR.aspx)
do you have some example to use it with fez panda 2 ?
regardsl Paolo Lops

From the link you posted…

All FEZ boards have UART. Take a look at some of the examples in the tutorial section.

Just use the code : http://code.tinyclr.com/project/408/easyvr-speech-recognition-shield-driver/
Connect the serial from the easyvr module to COM1 on the Fez, and you are good to go !

@ Nicolas3 - I just couldn’t help myself and ordered the shield from SparkFun, so thanks in advance for this work. After many one sided conversations with my microcontrollers, I may finally get a response :stuck_out_tongue:

You may also need to order a USB to TTL serial cable, if you haven’t one already, to program onboard sounds, such as this one : http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9717

That reminds me I haven’t had the time to make a video yet ::slight_smile:

Hi ttenks for replay . tomorrow i will try. i will post my results regard paolo.

i have an error in this line of code
private static SerialPort UART;
i think that it’s missing the serialport class?
where i can found it?
regards Paolo

You are probably only missing the assembly Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort :slight_smile:

perfetct now it work.
Nicolas. Can i use my easyvr module directly via usb cable with fez panda 2 if i connect it to the uart port and +5 or +5 v and grd ? can i program the module directly with easy vr commander via fez panda?
excuseme for my english— :-[

You can program the easyvr module:

  • either directly from the Fez Panda API (exept for recorded playback sounds)
  • from the free software easyvr commander (exept for recorded playback sounds) by setting up the fez into bridge mode (see my example, AN0 connected to GND at boot time),
  • directly to an ftdi cable (5v or 3v3 TTLare ok), only powering the module with 3v3 or 5V (then you will be able to program playback sounds using easyvr commander and Quick synthetysis)

This thing is awesome. I was able to get it bridged and play with it using the Commander software. It recognized all the default words on the first try with no training.

Now the fun part :smiley:
Change the default language to french, and have the module recognize what you say :wink:

hi nicolas,
you wrote
from the free software easyvr commander (exept for recorded playback sounds) by setting up the fez into bridge mode (see my example, AN0 connected to GND at boot time),
i dont understand well.
on the fez panda 2 board i can make this connection?
can you post a picture or schema?
if i make this operation i can use uart on fez as a virtual port on the pc via usb?

See my example code !

// To go into bridge mode at startup, please connect AN0 to GND
if (!AN0.Read()) BridgeMode();

So if you are using this example and you have these lines of code, just add a small wire on you fez panda 2 (or most likely on you easyvr shield) between the pin AN0 and GND, and at startup you will be in bridge mode…

The AN0 to GND trick is only done so in my specific example, you could do anyway else, the only important thing is to call the method MyEasyVR.Bridge_Start() whenever you need to go into bridge mode.

Have Fun ! :wink:

Hi Friend…

I have easyvr card. I connected this card to pc without anyproblem
and I added my " SD 10 different commands " with orginal program.
my aim is to light on different 10 lambs with my voice commands.this is my highschool project.

I use pic 16f877 for communication and relay outs…
EasyVR gives A, B, C, D ,E serial datas with end of the sd command provment.

But There is no any action even I say my sd commands true…
( All communication datas ok… 9600 baud and anothers also… )

perhaps I need better source code files for starting recognation.
Why my system do not agree my commands… Can you help me for source code.

I have so little time for finishing my project…this is so much importnt for me…
I only want to light on 10 different lamb with my voice… Can you be my guide.
I wait your answer soon… thank for your caring about my letter…
thanks regards…

pimobilya@ hotmail.com


@ coolbody - Welcome to the community!

We do have an EasyVR project on codeshare by Nicolas3. Here is the link for convenience:


Have you tried it? What FEZ board are you using?

School assignment and PIC not Fez… :s