Solidoodle 3

Well it came about 2hrs ago and not the best start to things.

The first thing I’ve found is the wires to head the extruder were detached; possibly from shipping. They’re single strand wires inside of flexible tubing…they were almost completely out of the tubing when it arrived.

Heated bed only rose 2degress C in an hour. Like I said, not the best start.

I’ve decoupled the extruder’s heat connector and I’m attempting to manually repair it. After that we’ll see what happens with things.

…well that doesn’t make too much sense.

I manually reconnected the pins (not quite to my satisfaction but I’ll go back and do more repairs; the single wire is pretty short and getting pull out a bit) and immediately both the extruder and the bed are responding in a way I would expect them to.

However; I wouldn’t expect 1 connection on the head to affect the heated print bed. But what do I know.

I think you might find more support on their forums :wink:

I contacted Solidoodle twice, no reply yet…but we’re printing!

Obviously this was a hardware issue; most likely related to packing/shipping. I’m glad to see my fix worked. I’ve been taping things as I go along so I can write up on this when all’s said and done.

So far it looks like the first print is going quite well. :smiley:

Glad to hear you got it working! My vote is you print a Vigor bottle that’s better than the cheesy junk in the Infinite premium edition.

LOL, I may do at some point. First print was just shy of perfect; I’m very pleased with it even at the lower resolution I used.

My goal for this printer is to create custom cases…we’ll see how well I do. :wink:

Post a hi-res pic of your print, please.

Here’s a look at the first test print.

And another look at what happens when you bed isn’t completely leveled and the head gets stuck

Not bad!

Hehe there is your first modification, make a self leveling bed :slight_smile:
Nice to see you have got it up and running ok though. Is that the highest res print??

No, that’s the lowest res.

I’m working on my first case design and at low res the print time for the top piece is about 3.6hrs.

Really looking forward to see how the high res stuff turns out.
Im currently contemplating getting a 3d printer later in the year. There are so many options its difficult to make a choice

This is the printer I would like to have:

So far I have to say things are about as I expected. I’ve known several people who’ve had 3D printers and complained constantly about getting them setup. Though by comparison my time is much smoother.

Here’s what I’m finding so far:

  1. Initial setup required a bit of hardware knowledge to locate and fix a connector issue that occurred during packing/shipping

  2. Most of the docs available are for version 2…I have version 3.

  3. Finding a decent 3D editor that will export to STL is a pain. Sketchup is OK but once you try and line up mounting holes it becomes a right pain in the ass. I’ve a free (very old) tool I love because it gives me vertex by vertex control … but it exports to DXF which doesn’t import well to Sketchup.

  4. If you encounter a printing error be prepared to spend about 30min cleaning up the head, repositioning, etc or you’re going to keep having printer problems.

  5. Once you get everything working…it’s awesome being able to print up solid sturdy 3D plastic parts whenever you want/need. :smiley:

I hadn’t seen that one. That’s an interesting one. I definitely think delta is the ultimate best design. I really like the DeltaMaker design but didn’t have the means to support that one at the time. Hopefully, it will end up commercialized.

I like Rappidelta approach because there are no frame constraints. Check the last video on the page where Rappidelta is used as a 3D scanner.

That’s cool. It’s hard for me to believe it’s rigid enough. Looks like he’s getting good results, though. I look forward to seeing a production version.

Thanks for the review … with the prices dropping as they have been, I hope to get one this year.

@ mhectorgato - does the wife know about that plan? :smiley:

The CFO is aware that it is one of the many items hoped to be purchased for the upcoming fiscal year.

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