Snippet - EMIC 2 driver for NetMF

EMIC 2 driver for NetMF

This project showcases two things - first, it showcases the initial driver I’ve created to allow you to use the EMIC 2 device on a Fez device. Secondly it showcases the Gadgeteer adapter module I’ve created for the EMIC 2 module from Parallax.

This driver should work on any device running NetMF 4.1 or 4.2, Gadgeteer or not - it doesn’t leverage the Gadgeteer serial port framework for instance.

The example app can be used to see how easy the module is to use. You can also hear the output from the example app on the video. It uses a Joystick pressed event just as a trigger to make the module speak.

Blogged at over here EMIC 2 text to speech module, on Gadgeteer | Brett's Space


Excellent! I like your adapter board. :slight_smile:

Very nice!!!

Very nice Brett, I have been wanting something like this…

Adapter board might make it to a community offer if there’s enough interest. Head over to the “are you thinking what I’m thinking” thread and register interest (@ Duke, oh mighty module hoarder from the great north land, email me your address…) is the thread…

Sorry can’t find your email address, but send me an email to mcneillb at and I’ll reply with my shipping address etc. Send me a price as well please and how you would like payment.


Look at Brett getting some Channel 9 Coding 4 Fun love!

oh cool. That’s a surprise !!!

Brett, is it as simple as wire up

Gadgeteer Socket U

Pin 2 5v -> emic 5v
Pin 4 Tx -> emic Sin
Pin 5 Rx -> emic Sout
Pin 10 Gnd -> emic Gnd

and attach an 8 ohm speaker to Sp+ and Sp-

I cant see any fancy electronics on your adapter board.

thanks Peter

yes that’s the correct pin mapping - not like the other post where you had UART Dyslexia see

luckily it’s non-destructive and easy to fix in a breakout board, less so if you stuff it up on a board like I made (which I hasten to add, I didn’t, I had those issues sorted on my breadboard before I went to Eagle and made the board :slight_smile: )

thanks brett, yeh that’s why spi makes it explicit I guess MISO And MOSI…

anyhow any chance of getting some boards (maybe 2), tho the demo Im putting together has a rather tight timescale. it would make the whole thing a bit more tidy.
Im surprised ghi haven’t offered this as a module, text to speech is way cool…

Hi Peter,

I have given away my spares - I used OSHPark to create them and I sent one to Canada for our module collector (AKA Duke :slight_smile: ) and one to a mate here in AU who has a spooky voice Santa Claus :slight_smile:

OSHPark now has a “public” way to order other people’s designs if I remember, so I can publish this one if you like and you can then order direct from there - you’d need to order some sockets and assemble it all yourself (not hard, I have nice large hand solderable pads for the Gadgeteer socket). Not sure where you’re based and if an OSHPark run would turn around quick enough for you?

ok ill hardwire it first, and see what its like, and then look to the oshpark route if things look good, thanks for the info, catch you later

@ Brett, OK it all seemed to work, tho the speakers are a bit problematic, so I would like to take you up on your kind offer of making the board public in OSHPark, if its easy to do thanks Peter

I second that request.

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your a star, now I can forgive you over the cricket :wink:

OK Just ordered 3 for small amounts of cash, this OSH Park lot seem almost altruistic, I wait with bated breath …

If only they offered options other than that awful purple… :frowning:

The cricket ! :slight_smile:

OSHPark is nice, so easy for small runs of small boards. For me the killer is still the time it takes to post to AU, a 3-week turnaround minimum is what I have come to expect. I just can’t commit to a 5cm x 5cm board price and 10x copies at DFRobot or somewhere when I know I need so few. So I’ve been exploring CNC engraving PCBs of late - single sided can be done quite nicely.