Snippet - EMIC 2 driver for NetMF

Show us more!

I wish there were more to show :frowning: The relay board on the coffee controller was done on a CNC… I don’t have my own CNC and am using the hackerspace’s one. I am having newbie CNC issues like not understanding when something was wrong with the machine (now fixed) and haven’t been back but may well do this weekend. Then I’ll have a demo Gadgeteer module to show off (nothing overly fancy, just more LEDs :slight_smile: )

um. Whoops. Looks like I’ve accidentally removed my EMIC2 adapter board from OSHPark. I’ll dig out the file and re-upload, but the link here won’t work for a while I’m afraid.

Did anyone notice the cricket results today? ;D :smiley:


The yanks are probably wondering why you are talking about insects tho… :whistle:

yes brett I reckon 5-0 is on the cards

It is cold here in New Jersey, and all of insect activity has stopped.