Skipping 9

@ andre.m - I also run several Computers with Win 8.1 and builtin AV protection.
Even that I haven’t disabled Java and Flash, I never had an Virus so far, that was not detected.
I know People who have the “better” AV products installed, and have viruses all the time.
I think it’s also a personal behavior Thing how often you get viruses.
And some people even disable their premium AV Software from time to time, because it takes too much resources or does not allow some Software to install.
I never had this Problem with Win 8.,1 builtin AV Software.

Finally I think it’s personal taste.
Also the comparisons tests are always a Picture of the Moment, and the next Little update might change the test result significantly.

At work we also have customers, where the professional AV systems interrupt production from time to time, because the use too much resources.
Not sure what causes a higher loss to them.

If you look at their info, they use Windows 7 for the testing and explain the fact that because it’s 64 bit and an “updated” OS means it’s harder to find exploits.

My comments were specifically about 8 and 8.1. Anyway, like I said, it has been working quite well for my family (and for my mother). Anecdotal for sure.

Every time I visited someone who had Mcaffee or Norton, it was expired and not updated, and offered zero protection. In a couple others, they were disabled because they “slowed down the system” too much. Those have more impact than absolute catch rate, IMO.


I thought (apparently mistakenly) that OS/X has AV built into the OS package itself; whereas Win had Defender (or the like) as a program that shipped with it.

The Win solution would be easier to pull apart and more transparent (although it (and other updates) are more in the background in Win8).

Is that not the case?

I have no idea about OSX.

Windows 8 and above have the full AV, Anti-malware, and firewall baked into the OS install. It runs and updates by default. Users have to take specific action to remove or stop it.

This is a good thing, because defaults dictate what most users end up doing. If you default to no protection, some crazy high percentage end up with no protection.