Skipping 9

Never liked that number anyways :smiley:

Successor to Windows 8 will be released next year, skipping Windows 9

MS is making some “interesting” branding/marketing choices, imo.

  • Windows Phone will be called Windows going forward
  • Skipping 9 for no apparent reason
  • WinRT vs WinRT
  • Xbox → Xbox 360 → Xbox One

There’s other ones as well. Hopefully it will make better sense going forward. People at the office are either laughing or rolling their eyes at the new name.

I like what I hear.

Looks like “smallest” should be something like Galileo/Edison.

I don’t and it scares me!

I see 2 possibilities:
1st: If it is true that the “same” OS will run on all devices (only scaled down by the needed modules), then MS might fail (again)

2nd: Under the hood the systems stay as they are, with more or less different kernels. Only the look and feel of the UI and the name will be the same.
This would mean that the change will be minimal.

About the name: Windows 10, and that skipping the 9 should show how much advanced it will be compared to Win 8:
Well I think that’s just a marketing thing, which most likely will backfire.
Some people will say how stupid MS is to do so (as they do on everything that MS does)
And finally, if the promise of the way advanced windows does not come true, MS gets criticized again, even if Win 10 is a step forward (but not 2 steps)

And finally: What about the rule that every 2nd Win OS will fail: Win 9 would be a success by this rule, and Win 10 should fail. So they skip the success version to make the next fail immediately :think:

Edit: Has anyone heard about the rumor, that Win 9 should be free for Win 7 owners?
Is this true for Win 10? What about Win 8 owners: Will they have to pay?

Hmm, can you be more specific?

May be he fears that Win 10 will get the new NETMF Kernel ::slight_smile:

no reason ?

I can already see the headlines
"WIN 9 used the Cloud 9"


In Japanese the word for nine sounds similar to the word for “pain” or “distress”.

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In German nine also sounds like “Nein” (“No”) ;D

And if you flip it, it looks like 6

On the other hand

Nine is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds the same as the word “longlasting”

From MS’s view, you want a product that will be upgradable. Longlasting is not so good.

MS does not want it to be long lasting.
XP lasts way longer than they want to.

Edit: @ Mike - same thought in same second :dance:

Or maybe NETMF is out of the picture … :frowning:

Don’t think that NETMF was ever part of the WinX picture.

wasn’t there something about three 9ers or three 6ers being kind of devlish…

@ mhectorgato: I ment more like EOL 4 NETMF …

… but than again, why all the living it up at the moment …

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