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Anybody tried Technical Preview?

Yup. Got it running on a 2010-era Atom netbook (N270) with 1 Gb of RAM.

Also running in a Hyper-V VM (the pic is of the VM).

Quite nice so far. Thought about installing on my Dell Venue 8 Pro, but I read that the touch features aren’t as far along as the keyboard/mouse support, so I figured I could wait on that one.


Is that a semitransparent window??!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Yep. One of the “experimental” features added to the command prompt. The other features include normal cut and paste. No more having to right-click the title bar to cut, copy, or paste into/out of the command line. :smiley:


Has a screenshot of the properties tab where you enable the transparency…

and if you happen to use Jenkins, check this out…


[quote=“devhammer”]The other features include normal cut and paste. No more having to right-click the title bar to cut, copy, or paste into/out of the command line. :smiley:

HALLELUJAH! That alone is worth the upgrade.

HALLELUJAH! That alone is worth the upgrade.

Good to know I’m not weird for thinking that feature is upgrade-worthy on its own. Either that, or we’re both weird. Now that I think about it, perhaps that’s more likely…



I just noticed another nice little feature, support for multiple desktops in the current Windows 10 preview. Windows can be moved between desktops, thumb nail previews of each desktop.

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I’ll bet MS gets criticized for implementing this feature way too late.

And the 3rd party desktop switching software providers will blame MS for kicking them out of business, which will lead to new EU regulations that MS must allow to switch easily between 3rd party implementations :wall:

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier -

What’s funny is that the infrastructure for virtual desktops has been in Windows for years. In fact, there is a Sysinternals utility that allowed you to use that feature, but it ended up being broken by Windows 8.

So one could argue that the feature is merely being finished and surfaced, rather than being newly implemented.


OS/X has some built-in virus protection – “Apple is protecting us”

If MS were to do that, I can only imagine the uproar that would happen.

@ mhectorgato - MSE (MicrosoftSecurityEssentials) is part of Windows 8, and not an additional download like in XP or W7 anymore.
Selecting the browser seams to be more important than Virus protection.

It’s not part of the OS though and can be easily removed/disabled.

Yes, but it’s more or less the same with IE. But in the EU there had to be a stupid little program which links to all the other browsers. This program automatically starts for every new user (and for me it never disappears, until I manually remove it from autostart).

I’m familiar with that system – only have read about it as I’m in the US. But, does anyone in EU complain that Safari is the only/default browser on an OS/X system?

I was just pointing out the duplicity of the environments.

Nobody complains about OS/X. Also nobody complains that you need to input all your personal data, which is transferred to Apple before you can use you Mac.

Windows 8 and 8.1 have built-in virus and malware protection, plus firewall. It runs pretty transparently in the background, and stays up to date. Most users don’t even realize it’s there.

Also, if you disable Java in your browser (and Flash, if you don’t need it), combined with the built-in AV, you end up with a really safe computer.


If you also disable Java and Flash in your browser, like I said, the computer is as safe as you are. Most drive-by problems are Java/Flash based. The rest (clicking on malware, etc.) is blocked in most cases by the system, but is still up to the end user.

The built-in AV is really good, actually. And most importantly, it doesn’t tank my PC while it’s running in the background.

Me, rwo kids and my wife all running 8.1 in this house. Java installed on three of the four primary computers in order to play minecraft. All have java disabled in the browser and all use only built-in AV. No viruses or malware in years.

You can’t be 100% safe, but track record here in my house is FAR better than the fan boys of other operating systems would have you believe.


I have a strict “no Java” rule on my network. As a result, we stick with the XBOX 360 version of Minecraft.

Next step for me is to replace my Verizon-supplied router, which I no longer need since we dumped FiOS TV (the supplied router includes a coax terminal for the STB) years ago.

Been looking at several routers that include guest networks, which is very appealing for limiting the damage that visitors can do, and also doesn’t require sharing my main WiFi password.

Good thing this is on the “off topic” forum, or I’d feel bad about going even further off topic. :slight_smile: