Sell your own modules, GHI will support

We have many ideas to help you in making money but for starter, please add what you offer for sale here. We will promote this page once it has few offers (this was moved to

I know of many already available or will be soon, Makeboard, IR transmitter, MIDI, Wii, PoE…etc.

We are asking you for one simple rule. Be honest with your description. What you sell, what to expect, what is the lead time…etc.

PS: If you become a millionaire of selling modules, please send us some beer :slight_smile:

Good idea, Gus!

I’ve updated the wiki with the basic info for my module.

And how do people order? :slight_smile:

@ devhammer

Excellent start and certainly a page I’ll check often for my module addiction and of course I suspect that project boards etc are also welcomed on this page as I’m looking for some of those too.


@ Gus

Added ordering info link.

@ Architect

I’ve corrected the order of the entries, but note that I merely updated the entry for my module in the order it was originally published. :slight_smile:

Great idea! I was a little hesitant at first to pitch my module(s) in this forum, as the Extender could be construed as “competition” for mine. I had to remind myself that is not how GHI rolls! Thanks for supporting our efforts. It will be exciting to watch this list grow.

[edit] MakeBread info updated

@ Gus can you please make this one a sticky thread. Thanks!

It is sticky now.

I think it is great that GHI supports the community in this way! ;D

Are there any restrictions?
Size of the Module?
Contributed Code?

Is it even possible to send the module to GHI and you will sell it,
so you can start making millions and send me a beer?

@ Gus
Thank you!

@ Weiti
I don’t think there are any restrictions, as long as it meets the Gadgeteer spec you should be fine.

[quote]Is it even possible to send the module to GHI and you will sell it,
so you can start making millions and send me a beer?[/quote]

We are planning on doing more but this is a good start I think.

@ Weiti - of course, we would love to see everything OSHW :wink:

Chucky! Chucky! Chucky!

Looks like “The Architect” is about to have his first module up for sale soon. Get your NunChucks ready! This Wii-nie is wondering if a driver leveraging all that Chucky goodness will also be available…

Yes, the driver will be available.

Looking good.



How many Chuckies would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Chuckies? :smiley: That’s a lot of Chuckies!

Imagine this if you will…

A nameless mild mannered geek invents a wearable computer in the form of a belt. The belt contains a battery pack and several microcontrollers, all ruggedized to withstand the elements and the occasional dance club rave. Over this he dons a lab coat, complete with a power and data bus of conductive thread sewn in. Much like his favorite comic book superhero, Batman, this genius inventor can now mount modules of any type in strategic locations on his person. Control of his awesome arsenal of gadgetry is accomplished with a wrist mounted NunChuck in each hand, courtesy of “The Architect”…

I think we’re gonna have to pitch a new “reality” show to NBC :smiley: