SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM) is out



New behavior for 4.3 version

  1. Support for Visual Studio 2013 (including Visual Studio Express 2013 for
    Windows Desktop)

  2. All v4.2 QFEs features and bug fixes (PWM enhancements, lwIP and network
    driver reliability improvements, Analog Output, WinUSB and latest GCC

  3. Improved diagnostic information for deployment

  4. Decreased boot time

New behavior for 4.2 version

  1. DPWS stack is compatible with Windows 7 WSDAPI and WCF4.0

  2. Support for Remote Firmware Update

  3. Support PWM and A/D, Cryptographic primitives, PKCS#11, OneWire, SNTP for
    lwip, FTP client and server, StringBuilder, and Regex.
    OneWire contributed by Richard SCott, StringBuilder and Regex contributed by
    Julius R. Friedman

  4. Support for VB.NET

  5. Cortex M3 support for STM32 family from Oberon Microsystems

  6. Support for RVDS 4.1

  7. Fixes for more than 150 bug on issue tracker for Micro Framework Codeplex
    project at [/quote]

I would really like to know which bugs were fixed. At least I have not seen 150 bugs marked as solved recently.

Was the TCP/IP networking code reliability improved? I have severe problems with network code on the Raptor board.

@ dspacek - If it is improved in this latest release we will not experience it until GHI will release their update for QFE2.

It does say this in the release note:

[quote]To allow use with existing firmware builds the actual framework revision remains
the same as the previous release (4.3.1) even though the SDK itself has a new
revision number.[/quote].
So it sounds to me that you can use it with the current firmware :wink: no need to wait on GHI to update.
Unless I’m reading it wrong …

Interesting. That means that only managed code was changed.

I am confused. If managed code has the same version but it was changed then this would be very bad. Let’s wait to see what John has to say.

I agree with the “Very Bad” - I predict some confusion.

Windows doesn’t recognize the difference:

@ mtylerjr

But I’m sure they only fixed bugs, right? Fixing bugs never introduces new bugs. What could possibly be wrong with this plan? :smiley:


Apparently I am using 4.3.2. Why would they release [em]another [/em]4.3.1 when 4.3.2 is already out in beta?

The only time I’ve ever release software with the same version #, is when the existing one is so bad, I need to pretend it never existed.

Edit: okay, this is just a fixed version of the 4.3.1 released a year ago (Feb 10 2014)

I guess it is just a different branch than 4.3.2, which they released in September, and are still testing. And since 4.3.2 is already taken, they just decided “to heck with it, we’re not making a (for Workgroups?)… we’ll just call it 4.3.1 again, and let people deal with any confusion”

I’m just wondering if there are any bug fixes in 4.3.1-Bravo that aren’t in 4.3.2-Beta, or if they just propagated them backwards, or what.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be using 4.3.2-Beta… :frowning:

Ok guys the SDK have been updated obviously to 4.3.2, but the FIRMWARE version that was not updated, so everyone can jump in and help with testing right away, without waiting on the OEM (GHI) to update the firmware. In simpler words when you deploy to your 4.3.1 board you won’t get the firmware mismatch error :wink:

I don’t see anything confusing about this to be honest, it’s just away to get the public involved in the beta testing faster…

Please try it and report back.


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Ok. That makes more sense. I thought they were saying the assembly versions would stay the same.

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I am not sure about this release as well. I just think this is some kind of bug-fix release. As far as I know, QFE stands for [em]Quick Fix Engeneering[/em], something like a hotfix:

If deploying/debugging is faster then I am a happy camper.


I un-installed QFE1-RTM, installed QFE2-RTM, and Visual Studio (2012) could not load all of my VS projects. I check the .csproj files, to make sure MF version was 4.3. I don’t know what is wrong, so I re-installed QFE1-RTM. Any help here?

@ dspacek - Have you installed the VS2012 integration too?
It’s a separate visx installer now.

I have all these installed:

Visual Studio 2012 Professional
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (QFE1)
Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Core
GHI NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R4

According to the instructions here:

Everything was working fine, until I un-installed QFE1 and installed QFE2, then VS could not load any projects. After I removed QFE2 and re-installed QFE1, all projects could be loaded again.

Where to I get the separate VS2012 integration ?

@ dspacek - I would say here:
It’s part of the complete package or the 2nd download in the Other downloads section.

I read in

Is this commit 43218 supposed to be in NETMF QFE2 RTM?