SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM) is out

@ dspacek - The changesets you see on the NETMF CodePlex are not in QFE2. QFE2 only brings support for VS2013 and the VSIX packages, nothing else. All those changes you see will be for a future release.

My company needs this project to be completed: “Update on work in the VNext Branch”
There has been no estimate given on an expected finish and release date for the VNext Branch.
Is the author, smaillet_ms, working on this project as a Microsoft employee full time? or is he a part time volunteer working for free now and then in his spare time?
Does anyone have a good guess about the time frame? A month, six months, or one year?

Probably weeks not months but we will see how much changes are needed then.

it’s probably worth your while to get in direct contact with GHI the company, not on the forum, and articulate what your problem is (assuming you have one) that requires waiting for the next version of netmf. They may have ways to address whatever the gap today is, as they support commercial customers world over.

Good to have vs2013 support ;D