SDK Package R3

We are very excited to say that we have completed our must have list for the current SDK package, covering NETMF 4.2 and Gadgeteer. While it took longer than expected, we have completely changed the TCP/IP stack and the SSL stack successfully. The network changes also include a complete restructure on how the network interfaces hook into the system. For example, you can detect WiFi network availability without switching from Ethernet to WiFi.

The major changes in networking was just the start. The all-new in-field update feature is simplified and made much more robust. Devices running GHIs premium hardware can easily update themselves automatically. The update can be done from any accessible interface, including network and SD/USB storage media.

New in this release
WinUSB is now the default option (You MUST manually uninstall the previous USB drivers).
VS2012 is now recommended over VS2010, thanks to the speed of the new WinUSB drivers.
FEZ Config is now part of the package and it is rebuilt with every SDK release to include the latest firmware version numbers. This allowed FEZ Config to warn users when the firmware needs to be updated.
FEZ Game-O emulator (thanks to @ architect for his great work).
G400 non-beta firmware.
Stability improvement.[/ul]

What is next?

Stability and quality will be a must and so we will continue to work on perfecting our NETMF/Gadgeteer 4.2 Software while migrating to 4.3 in the near future. We will hold on NETMF 4.3 for a bit as it requires VS2012, which will not run on older versions of windows. However, VS2012 with NETMF 4.3 will work with 4.2 devices. The good news is that NETMF4.3 does not add any major features that you will miss.

There are many features that we would like to add to the NETMF/Gadgeteer SDK Package. Here are few examples, without making any promises.
[ul]PPP with hooks to the internal networking system, to allow the use of Sockets with mobile modems
Low power modes.
Application protection.
USB Host for Cerb-family
Native CAN drivers for Cerb-family.
Improved premium CAN drivers.
Video playback.[/ul]

We couldn’t have done this without the help of our great community. Thank you all for every example bug report and every result feedback. Thank you for keeping your expectations high and accepting nothing but perfect. Last but note least, thank you for your patience while we completed this very important milestone.

SDK Package R3:


Awesome! Installing it right now!

Arrrrgh I’ve just came back home thinking this won’t happen today. I’ll have to go back as I probably won’t be able to sleep :slight_smile:

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@ Simon from Vilnius - te he he

@ andre.m - Somebody forgot to update “About box”. FEZ Config Release notes shows correct SDK information.

I did indeed forget to update the about box when we decided to go with R3 over R2 Update 1. A new zip file with that single change was just uploaded.

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@ John - Make it read SDK version from the Registry and will never have to update it in the About box.

Awesome news. Here’s a vote for low power modes to be first on the what’s next list.


Production people will only have fezconfig installed and nothing else :slight_smile:

What’s new about In-Field Update in this release?

Nothing. The notes were about the whole step towards 4.2

There are many variables involved so I could not give an exact number but you will get a lot more now. Twice or three times before.

We have such page? :slight_smile:

@ andre.m - Jeff deserves a beer! :dance:

@ andre.m regards limits… the page was already updated by John . That said, those numbers are based on internal code, your mileage will vary, by board and by program. For instance I’m told we’ve never been able to get past 64 on the premium. Guess I need to put a large disclaimer in there – theoretical limits versus reality . (Updating that page is now on the ToDo check list for future SDKs releases)

I’ve installed the R3 packeage twice, but notice that the Config.sig, Firmware.hex and Firmware.sig for G400 are dated 12.07.2013. Only Config.hex was updated to 23.10.2013
Correct, or missing files?
Everything else for other boards is dated 23.10.2013

@ Lurch -

on my PC all of them are 10/23/2013 9:44AM :)))

Correct, uninstall all first and then delete the GHI folder completely.

@ andre.m
good advice. Now the correct files are there.
Funny, that there was no error … but now the evening is saved.

I am sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this…

I have installed the new NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3

I removed ALL previous installations before installing.
Restarted the PC from power off after installing the new software…

Using Windows 8 64 bit. Using the desktop…

Using FEZ Raptor Rev 1.0

I cannot update TinyBooter.

I believe I have followed the steps correctly.
REF. (removed https) //

Started CommandPrompt.bat batch file using Run as administrator

Initial com port received was GPS Camera Detect (COM4)
I also changed the port to COM40 in case the batch file did not like a COM Port with only one number (n not nn)

Not much I can say or do for the moment.

Attached are images of my install attempt.

Thanks for any info you can provide