SCM20260E dies

I have a problem that some of my SOMs dies. I am developing af new product and have made 5 prototypes. 2 of them is now dead.
I can connect from TinyClr Config with LDR0 activated, but not without.
SCM20260E is REb B, I saw in another thread that Rev A is just a prototype, but what about Rev B?
Im am not sure I do the correct thing. From Tiny CLr Config I try to download the newest Firmaware V2.2.0.610 before update it says V2.1.3.
It downloads with progress running from 0-100% % and then shows error

Can you erase all?

Can you use TeraTerm to test?

Thanks, Erase all worked :grinning:
I also tried to connect via terminal, but it did not reply when i send v which baud rate should I use?

yes, it is 115200