I am building a hardware application with the module SCM-20260N-C. but I have encountered many problems does anyone have a complete user manual for the module ? how to configure and program it correctly ?
I have followed the website of GHI electronics in introduction but I do not really understand the module

Use the schematic from this dev board to create your own board with the module

Then just follow the tutorials

If you dont know what your doing yet, it may be better for you to buy one of these and prototype first

Thank you I have already created the schematic for the modules using the board schematic and I already have my board. But are there problems with configuring and updating the firmware and debugging

The module literally just need power and ground to run, 2 wires. And then you need 2 wires to USB to load everything. A complete bare system is 4 wires only :slight_smile: But we are here ready to help if you say what problems you are having.

By the way FEZ Portal uses the same module. You can use it as a reference design to make your own.

First, please make sure you install the latest of everything, especially config and firmware. Do not do anything, not even open visual studio, until you update the firmware.

Please confirm

Yes I have installed and checked all the latest versions TinyCLR v2.1.0.rc1 and firmware V2.1.0.5000 (RC1) and I do not open Visual Studio before updating the firmware . but still I have the same problems

All looking good so far. What do you see when you open TinyCLR config? What happens when you attempt to update the firmware?

Looking at your other post, I suspect you have power issue.

Do you have a powered USB hub?
Do you have one of our boards to verify your computer?
Did you try a different computer?
Did you try to put the device in loader mode and erase all?

The error message in the last image above indicates that you have one version of firmware on the board (v2.0.0) and compiled your application against a different version.

The error indicates that the version of mscorlib that you compiled against is not the same one that is on the board.

Any time you see the error “Firmware version XXXXXX does not match the assembly checksum YYYYY” then you have a mismatch between the application and the firmware.

Choose a version (preferably RC1) and make sure that you

  1. Flash the firmware for that version onto the board. Verify that you see the expected version when you connect with TinyCLR Config
  2. Build your app against that version
    1. Install the nuget packages for the same firmware version and make sure that’s what your project references.
    2. Build->Clean
    3. Exit VS
    4. Delete the .vs, bin, and obj folders
    5. Restart VS, load your SLN and Build->Rebuild
    6. Ensure that you don’t get a firmware mismatch while flashing

If you get the ‘mismatch’ message, then you still have a bad copy of mscorlib getting loaded from somewhere. You won’t get past this until that’s resolved. The main causes for that are cached versions of mscorlib in .vs, obj, and bin; and nuget references that point to the wrong version of packages.

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U1 and U2 look wrong


Why have you got 47pF caps on D+ and D-?

Also as a note D+ and D- ideally should be a differential pair and the tracks should stick together and not spread apart.

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I was also going to ask about the caps and then saw Justin’s post lower down.

The caps will affect the edges on the data and they are not included with any USB spec that I have been able to find. Try removing them.

As an aside, next time you use the USBLC6-2, route your USB traces through this. What you have will work but Justin’s suggestion makes routing easier. ie, use 1 + 3 as input and 4 + 6 as output. It makes differential routing easier. I’ve used this device many times like this with no USB issues.

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