SC20100 pins?

A few questions:

  1. Are there any special considerations for any pins such as required external pullups/pulldown like are documented for the G80? I did not notice any notes in the pinout (yet) here:

I did catch the need to pull RESET high.

  1. Any chance we could get the schematic for the newly built SOM as a sanity check to design against?

All schematics are already published. And you do not need any resistors, not even for reset :grin: isn’t that great?! Where did you see as need for pull up on reset?

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I see the schematics now, thanks. The page that says the pallet is required is Special Pins here:

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From what I read, I understand that the pullup is needed for chip versions, not for SOM.

Otherwise, no external pull-up/down resistors are needed on other pins, except I2C.

The chip doesn’t need resistor. We are updating the docs

I’m specifically referring to the SOC/bare chip (no M in the part designator). In retrospect perhaps I should have been more specific in my initial post.

As a follow-up question for @Gus_Issa, would you be willing to share the part # you are using for the 8 Mhz crystal? Properly spec’ing a crystal is a bit of a pain and if possible I would rather just use a known good part than start from scratch.

The processors we use have a permanent internal pull up resistor on the NRST/RESET# pin. No pull up is needed even on SoCs/bare chips.

@rackley: Thank you for pointing out this mistake in docs – will be fixed soon.

On the subject of pins… saw this in the datasheet:

You may be able to eliminate these resistors from the SOM:


This was brought up earlier in the design but I think we decided to keep for now. I completely forgot about it. Thanks for pointing it out.