Samsung ARTIK 053

New gizmo on the street for only $7.10 at digikey.
32-bit ARM® Cortex® R4 @ 320MHz


Beautiful! How much real and flash are free after including ssl?

@ VersaModule - Given some of what I’ve read about the state of the Tizen codebase, the fact that it’s got a Tizen runtime makes me wary.

With the understanding that Tizen OS and Tizen runtime may not be the same thing.

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I like the 5-12V input voltage. that’s not something that you just come across.

Tizen is chinese malware, disguised as a badly written OS


I dont think they are the same. I got the kit in and wrote some code for it. After pressing the reset button it’s up and running my app within a second. If it was a full blown OS that would not happen.

Tizen RT is based on Nuttx RTOS.