Samsung Artek IoT is gone!

This looked really promising and very exciting. Samsung ARTIK 053

Why do you think they have failed?

big companies are definitely not interested in ‘small’ profits. Most of them must appeal to their shareholders and make more than substantial profits. The view on the long term is no longer appropriate.
Another good reason to work with companies like GHI. :slight_smile:

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Ive looked at that, but from my point of view, the form factor was the issue.
Same as the new GHI boards, 200 pin SO-DIMM. Not geared towards maker community.
Its geared for large productions, but not exactly viable, large productions can get cheaper chips and can invest in their own SW implementations.
And FEZ is for prototype and schools.
Only really good one is G120. But too expensive.

This looks promising (also the best form factor):
MT3620 Module

The G120 is the bomb, fabulous product…price of G120 SOM is fabulous also…!
Keep cranking these out. If you ever need real world device production and in-field story for devices we build based on the G120, let me know.