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RSS Feed for Forum Topics?


I know there are no RSS feeds for Forum topics, but can there be ?
I have my e-mail client set up for the RSS feed for GHI News, but i would like to also have something set up so that when there are new posts i will know about it.


Thought i figured it out, but its not working.



Thanks, that’s what i thought but right now it only says 6 new, and when i go to the site there is 12.


Does that rss feed only work for new posts, or does it work for both new and updated?


It is basically a list of latest topics, no relation to replies or to your unread messages


What are you using to stay on top of things? You seem to know immediately when a new / updated post is present. There has to be a better way than going to the forum page and placing your mouse over Forum, then click Unread Messages.


My landing page is “unread messages”


why cant there just be a “” that would make life simpler would it not? This way while my e-mail is open any new posts that come in will show up in the RSS reader.
That is better then to open the browser and check for new /changed posts all the time dont you think ?


Allow us in out profiles to select which Forums we want to monitor, so when there are new/changed inside then we get an e-mail.

Not trying to be difficult here, just want a cleaner way to stay up to date with what is going on.


Then the RSS feed will be too long, probably useless. Or you will get too many emails notifications.


Fair enough for the RSS feed.
As coming from Netburner, Rabbit and Microchip. their forums allow you to get e-mail notifications for the Forums selected. I think that is a great feature. it allows me to stay current with what topics i am most interested in.

Since i dont have a ChipworkX (yet!) i wont be monitoring that one , and other forums at the moment i have no interest in (yet) like Glide, NET Gadgeteer and FEZ Spider, Native Programming (RLP/C/C++) and so on.

I for one would at least like the option for choosing it.


There seems to be a general misunderstanding of RSS in this discussion… An RSS feed should just be another way to view all the data in the discussions. It is up to your RSS reader to decide what is “unread”. So, a feed such as is meaningless since what is unread varies from person to person. A login should not be required to view the feed. I’m not sure what software GHI is using for their site (I get the feeling it’s a home brew). But, nearly all of the content management packages have built-in or bolt on RSS features for little or no cost. It usually just requires the click of a mouse to enable. Otherwise, a simple script is all that’s required to deliver the data as XML rather than HTML.


I just noticed that this RSS is for “unread” which, like you said, doesn’t make sense! The feed should be for all topics with no relation to unread messages!


@ ianlee74, [quote]It is up to your RSS reader to decide what is “unread”. So, a feed such as is meaningless since what is unread varies from person to person[/quote]

Good point. Before i started the thread i did use, but that only works for new threads.


Ah, yea, I see the problem. The feed only shows the first post on a discussion instead of every post. Agreed, not very useful. It really should show every post so that you could use it to get the same kind of reading list that you get from going to Forum -> Unread Messages on the site.


I’ve updated the RSS to show the last 50 messages from newest to oldest. This should keep you up to date! ;D


Sweet! Thanks so much


Not a big deal, but it looks like post time for each feed item is 4 hours off.


Could that be a reader issue? It shows up fine in google reader.


I thought about it, but all other feeds from all over the place look good. Oh well, as I said not a big deal :slight_smile:
Btw, I am using Outlook 2010.