Rpi4 Module is out

Raspberry Foundation is killing it with these 4.0 boards. The thing could even possibly run VS Code :upside_down_face:

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Very nice. This is a pc that can practically run anything!! But of course this comes with its challenges, like updates, boot, security…etc.

there is an eMMC onboard. Encrypted boot drive though I don’t know.

no can,no analog too.


Any thoughts about porting TinyCLR to RPi hardware ?

Why so? You use Linux mono

You can use .Net Core too I believe.

yes, you can use windows iot core, but it has limitations

Good… Then use SITCore :grin:

@trichins, No, you can use .NET Core. The full dotnet framework.

Not really an issue as this is a SOM so you can put an ADC on your daughterboard. Same as with SITcore, if you want a better quality ADC you add your own. I do this with the Android modules I use even though the modules have an ADC input, it’s only 10 bit and 1.8V max voltage so I use an external 16 bit and get good sensor resolution from it.

Same for adding CAN, use any one of the SPI based controllers for this.

@Dave_McLaughlin yes that true - you can add a lot of things on daughter board, but learning linux , win iot , supported dll-s to hardware access and creation of additional fixes , and no support “just me only by myselft” what kind of work is that .

so that is a reason of SiteCore “if you have problem - you have place when you can ask” and done from professionals who care for us (so i just need to take care about Visual Studio on my machine and libraries - because i have no bacground of electronics but corporate only db/win/web …)

I think you will find that there is a huge amount of support for Linux based systems. The reason I chose Android for my systems was the vast amount of online help and source samples etc. Linux has a large following and there are good number of forums for help. GHI have done a fantastic job though in a short time, when you compare with how far short Meadow has come. For the right devices, SITcore will be my go to but for legacy, and I am upgrading a G400 as we speak but I will remain with Android and Linux for the time being for platforms needing more power and faster design.

Reason i choose SITE CORE is C# (only works)

  • it included Network , MQTT , TLS Certificate, Sqlite , Display (and huge memory for embed works) practically i have all needed things to program like default console mode (like limited console mode on desktop).with ability to follow / test / debug (cake of all) …
  • no need for additionals bloat compilers …
  • in my side is not time critical work - but (storage) database critical work yes
  • for example instead to use SD CARD i wish have ability to put emmc card instead
    example : SD CARD ADAPTER for eMMc Module
    and eMMc MODULE to use as usually SD CARD
    (to my side i think the only issues is critical sensors timing who need faster timers on native but still not face such issues :smiley: )

There are many C# options out there but SITCore is the only one with this amazing community and GHI had amazing support :grin:


@Gus_Issa, Nah, embedded C# has this amazing community and GHI.

GHI’s form has a Linux category. That’s my Linux support right there. If I want RPI Linux support, I’ll pop on over to the OctoPrint community forum :wink:

And the most important thing about SitCore: It’s instant ON embedded C# at it’s finest.

I’ve been there … running many pi’s at customer networks. It’s like you suddenly are system admin for lots of computers. It’s a nightmare. For many apps, embedded is king!


Cool, how many PIs? Pics or it didn’t happen :smiley:

Pictures of me being much happier now then before? Once the product was redesigned to no longer require UDP for communication, we could offer the embedded solution. That solution is using Arduino-like boards, getting the power over USB to power sensors and at the same time use USB to provide feedback to the host. Never looked back! The only downside was that hardware development really can be a time consuming process.

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A glowing review for why TinyClr. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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