Robot in the house

Looks pretty cool.


Nice! I don’t see the code up yet.

Me and a partner built a bot kit earlier this year that we use for teaching workshops. It currently uses an Adafruit Trinket Arduino micro but I’m tempted to move it to mBed.

We are currently working on a v2 that will use a custom PCB instead of acrylic body. Will the schematics for this be made available? I’m not a fan of requiring rechargables. So, we would probably stick with our plan to use 4xAAs. We have some other plans for making the bot more extendable but this looks like a good place to start if we move to mBed.

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Nice, definitely going to get one of these.

Great. Another cool product by OC!
But wait… there’s more upcoming!
I wonder what the PowerMate will be…

(… starting my OC christmas shopping list)

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@ GHI - when will the files for this bot be available?

@ ianlee74 - With your brilliant mind, who needs code?!?! :whistle:

Seriously though it will be up today, I had a brain fart yesterday and simply forgot about it, sorry guys, maybe you can forgive me this one transgression (note the sad embarrassed face —>). :-[

@ andre.m - maybe less, that and all the caffeine may have been the problem.

The mBot wiki will be updated this morning as well, wish me luck! ;D

@ Gary - How hard would it be for a user to replace the 2-battery holder with a 3 or 4-AA version, assuming they’re comfortable with a soldering iron? Gotta say, as much as I love the price of the mBot, having to plunk down more for rechargeable batteries and charger makes it somewhat less appealing.

With AAs, I can use either disposable or rechargeables, and the main downside is the extra space required to get the same capacity.

You can wire 4xAA directly to the power pins on the holder that is already on the mBot.

A note here, the $10 wow will spend on a battery and a charger will save a lot of money in the long run. Non rechargeable batteries will give you about one days of use.

Thanks, Gus.

I’m sure you’re right about savings in the long run, but I always have AA batteries around the house, since I have wireless XBOX controllers and kids. :slight_smile:

With this kind of rechargeable battery, it ends up being one more set of stuff I have to keep track of or find a home for (where’d that charger go?). Given that I already get a certain amount of grief for the existing “stuff” I’ve collected, I have to be thoughtful about that. So it may end up being worth the extra cost, if the result is less “stuff” to keep track of. :wink:

Out of curiosity, was the motivation for using the 3.7v cells the ability to shrink the size of the battery holder? Or capacity? Or both? Looks like a normal AA maxes out at around 2600mAh, which is substantially less than the rechargeables, so I’m guessing capacity was a big part of the decision.

D’oh! Looks like I mistook the model of the battery for the capacity.

So looking more like the motivation was being able to pack more voltage into a smaller space on the bot, is that correct?

Got excited for a moment when I thought I had some of these on-hand, courtesy of a past GHI gadget, but it turns out those are 18650s, not 14500s. They’re 3000mAh, too, which would have been awesome for run-time, but they’re a good bit larger than the 14500s.

@ devhammer - we wanted to keep the robot small and sill make run fast for few hours.

Small is good, now to create an army of then equipped with @ Justi’s RF Pipe module so that they can execute a coordinated attack on all the people on @ Gary’s list.

@ taylorza - I like your style! Now I have to make sure you have never made the list…lol

These suggestions are part of my elaborate strategy to stay off the list, when I make that misstep that lands me on the feared list you might show mercy.

@ taylorza - that sounds pretty elaborate, maybe I should actually make the list now instead of threatening with it 8)

I think such deviousness as @ taylorza has shown himself capable of is deserving of its own spot on the list.

Just sayin’… :whistle:

@ devhammer - If I didn’t know better, I would say that you and @ taylorza are mocking my list.

You know, we can make our own list! :wink: :smiley: