Retained memory options on UC5550?

Does the UC5550 UCM board have any non volatile memory options that can be accessed via TinyCLR OS? My application requires a variety of user settings to be saved and then retrieved upon power-up.

If so, any insight to the items below would be appreciated.

  • amount of memory available
  • format of memory (word, byte, etc) and
  • how to access via software. Are there any small code examples.

If there are no options available, what would be some recommended non volatile hardware options for a carrier board? Is EEPROM preferable?


At the moment the only thing that could be reasonably accessed using the firmware we provide is the battery ram provided by the underlying processor. It can be accessed via the Marshal class to read/write the memory directly.

There is also SD card support as of the latest 0.12 release.

We are investigating additional control over the deployment space that can be used for storage, perhaps combined with a configuration system. At this time neither are available though.

Hi, if TinyCLR OS one wire supported a DS2431 is a good Plug and Play solution. For NETMF exists a driver and I have tested it. The additional space is low the DS2431 size is equal to the transistor.

Thanks for the information and quick reply.