Reserved input interrupts on the SC20260


I’m designing a new board to use the SC20260 SOM. I’m going through the GPIO and noticed in the tutorials that input interrupts are limited to 16 pins and they cannot use the same numerical/channel value (i.e. 4 in PE4). It also talks about internal pins that are already reserved, such as WiFi.

I apologize if this information is already available somewhere, but my question is this: What input pins, if any, are reserved on the SC20260 SOM? In other words, are there any numbers/channels I should avoid using for input interrupts?


The schematics for the SOM can be found here: SITCore System on Modules

It would be best for someone from GHI to confirm this but I think if the pin is exposed to a pad on the Som then it should be safe to use. I don’t think there are any circuits on the SoM that use interrupts.


All pins are available while keeping in mind the 16 limit. If Wi-Fi is used then a user would know what what pin they used for the interrupt pin.

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