Releasing the NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-2 SDK!

A few weeks ago we proudly released the NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta1 SDK, for more information please read, . Today we are releasing the second update!

The main new features released with this SDK are 4.3 support for our EMX and G120 SoMs, please release notes for details. This of course includes any related products like the FEZ Spider and FEZ Cobra II mainboards.

Continue to report issues at:

Package 2014 R2 Beta-2 SDK:
NETMF 4.2 to 4.3 Transition Guide:


Hah, noticed it a few hours ago! :slight_smile: Where to report issues?

@ Simon from Vilnius - Thanks Simon I updated the post, but continue to use the previous reporting thread.

Good news!

-The loader cannot be updated on Windows 8.s[/quote]

Any ETA on when this will be resolved? I’ve only got Windows 8.1 Update 1 systems in the house.

Typically, the loader is used to update the system components but it can’t be updated itself. However, we are trying to find a way around this but can’t promise anything.

Sounds promising.
We just have started implementing an CAN Application on a G120 based board (using 4.2 of course).
Now I have to tell my college he has to rewrite the CAN code :whistle:

Just installed the May 4th version and I’m wondering about this.

Spider EMX_Gadgeteer
NETMF Version: v4.2
Port USB

The Device’s firmware version:
Firmware (TinyCLR) on this computer: Previous SDK release

Did we revert back a release?

@ Duke Nukem - I accidently swapped the firmware and loader versions for 4.2 devices when changing how they were stored in FEZ Config. No changes were made to 4.2 firmwares or loaders in this release. The actual firmware that will be flashed will show the correct version.

I cannot get this to work…only the left menu is working, no content unless you click open in new tab or something…

Works for me with Chrome and IE.

Works fine for me. What browser are you using?

Sweet, after decapitating a few heads I was able to run my monster application on 4.3. Hold on, GHI boys, issues are coming!!!

Does not work for me in Chrome 34, or Internet Explorer 11 - BUT works in Internet Explorer 11 in “compatibility view”.

I know several online API docs with frames which have this issue. So I think it’s a problem with the tool GHI uses for generating the API docs.
The Latest Sandcastle Versions generate online API that works without any issues, see here:

Please, I can be sure that installing this beta2, I will not create problems to working 4.2 devices ?

This introduces the 4.3 frameworks, so the 4.2 components remain static. You can compare the 4.2 versions to what you use today in the release notes, Note you will need to target 4.2 in your new applications

I wouldn’t be very sure about that…

That’s what I mean … ::slight_smile:

May I suggest to try it! Keeping a backup of your stuff.

I will go through a Win7 VM … Not the best option for Hydra firmware update but … :whistle: