Releasing the FEZ Spider II

Introduced in 2011, the FEZ Spider was and continues to be the first and most popular .NET Gadgeteer mainboard on the market. Today, we are excited to announce the new and improved FEZ Spider II! The FEZ Spider II was designed using the G120E SoM, the replacement for the EMX SoM. For more details on the G120E SoM click here.

Don’t stop reading, we have more great news. The FEZ Spider Tinker Kit has also been upgraded using the FEZ Spider II. All the same great modules and awesome kit with a more powerful mainboard!

For institutions using the FEZ Spider or the FEZ Spider Tinker Kit don’t worry, we will continue to offer both products until 12/31/2015. If you have any questions about continued availability please feel free to contact us directly.

FEZ Spider II :
FEZ Spider Tinker Kit :
G120E SoM :


Is that an upgrade without a price increase? :clap:


@ Gus I am glad that you asked, it is an upgrade without price increase, I was waiting for someone to notice that!

@ Gus - only beat me to it as I had to re-read it a couple of times as the Spider II is faster, has more memory available and cost the same as the Spider I, freaking awesome to say the least. Looking forward to taking a Spider II for a test drive.


Even better it looks like the Spider II is $10 cheaper than the original!

This is awesome news, the Spider was my first board and definitely feels like the most functional board. This looks like a great step up for the board!

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A very good news, it will increase my next order !!! :clap:

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It’s actually the same price, I was making the newspost and updating the products at the same time, I didn’t expect anyone to click the links in that couple of minutes, sorry for the confusion. :-[

@ Gary - Great news! I always liked the Spider board the most :slight_smile: Much better form-factor than the Raptor. And now even more powerful, thanks!


@ Gary - We are a very keen bunch when we see some new shiny show up.

You guys have been a very busy bunch as the new products have been flying fast and furious lately.

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@ Gary - I figured that was the case, just thought it was worth mentioning.

One other discrepancy I noticed, the specifications for the Spider II says there are 3 U sockets, however the images have 4 U sockets. I am not referring to the main image with the labels, that is clearly the original Spider. The other smaller images look like the new board, I can see the change for socket 6 from CSY to CSX, but sockets 4, 8, 9, 11 still indicate that they are U sockets, so either the spec is wrong and there are 4 U sockets or the board is labeled incorrectly? Or of course there is another alternative that I have not considered… (can’t be that the same serial interface is surfaced on two different sockets, could it?)

I know, I am nitpicking, but I am at home so I have nothing else to do… mmm, now I realize why my wife hates it when I stay home :slight_smile:

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@ taylorza - The images are correct. There are four UART sockets, the specifications have been updated.

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You guys are great, just faster “clickers” than I thought.

So let me ask this: Is anyone still in doubt that Gadgeteer is still in full swing and it is here to stay? :slight_smile: If yes, I have few more tricks under my sleeve so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Since you are at home with nothing to do, I actually have something for you, I am going to email you shortly.

Now these forums really feel like my second home, if it not my wife giving me chores it is Gary… :slight_smile:

Gary, I am just joking of course, please send the email I am always happy to help if I can.

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lol…You are not the first one to say that!

@ Gus - I never had any doubt that Gadgeteer was here to stay as unbelievably freaking awesome never goes out of style. Looking forward to even more goodies coming soon.


Well there go any regrets at procrastinating buying a Spider! Ever since Duke Nukem’s IoT class I have been itching to get my hands on one!

I thought in electronics things were supposed to get smaller, more powerful, and [em]cheaper[/em] all at the same time? :wink:

I wish you would just release it all at once so we’d know when to order for combined shipping! :smiley:


@ Gary - On MY list - and that’s a positive items list :wink:

… as all of yours too … I hope, reckon …

… and all of these goodies lately turn this summer in a real hot one, not only temp wise …

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