Rebirth of FLEX

I’m sorry to announce that Ascended International Pty Ltd ( has decided, 2 weeks before scheduled delivery, not to honor their commitment to developing the hardware for Skewworks FLEX.

I promise to continue moving forward developing a game system for this community and I will honor my previous commitments of giving out a free device and other promised prizes; no matter what the price difference ends up being.

At this time I’m considering making a system based off the new Hydra and would appreciate any thoughts the community might have on this.

Ugg! What a bummer. I know how much you’ve put into it. Maybe someone else will pick it up. If you go with Hydra then it really just becomes more of a case design than anything else, right? Or are you thinking a custom version of hydra in the shape of Flex?

For Hydra to work as FLEX I’d actually just need a couple of really easy Gadgeteer boards: LiPo w/ charger, and a 6 button pad. That’s about the size of it.

GHI? I have a few grand sitting here that says you can make these boards…please? :smiley:

Geez, man. Sorry to hear about that. Don’t give up.

What if you keep the money and all can develop this as open source project? I will surely love to help and I have already given you some good suggestions on the phone :slight_smile:

Call GHI tomorrow if you want and we can chat again.

Did you get anything from them any design, prototype?

WTH? That sucks.

Sorry to hear that they did that to you. :frowning:

Yeah, not a good way to do business for sure.

The post title makes me sad. Can you change it to rebirth of flex? Or something exciting. :frowning:

You have a brilliant idea that GHI is seeking but we stopped to give you room to get it going, as I explained before.

and don’t feel descended. A lot of people here were very excited about your project and gladly will help. :slight_smile:

@ Gus I always planned open source so I can definitely get behind this, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Also I had considered it when I last spoke to you but I thought since we already had a board under development it was best to see the current board through and then go to you for version 2.

Now we can start w/ GHI from the start :smiley:

Let the community make it happen. Look at it positively, the new reborn FLEX is 240mhz :wink: oh I didn’t say capacitive touch, did I? :wink:

The seed is planted. :smiley:

Isn’t the current Hydra only running at 200Mhz? Gus, what are you telling us in that tidbit of information? ?? ???

I keep getting yelled at for saying too much but my excitement about all these cool things kills me :slight_smile:

We actually had capacitive touch running months ago but we are still finding the perfect display with awesome price for everyone. I think we are on to something with latest samples we received.

The processor is 240Mhz but we only tested it at 200Mhz. We will be looking at this very thing tomorrow morning. So, maybe we can have it going at 240Mhz and then Hydra is faster than ChipworkX :slight_smile:

GHI & Skewworks…need I say more? ;D

Major thanks to GHI and the community for all the support! We’ll have something great for everyone.

And since all of Hydra is open perhpas there will be a Skewworks port with game specific additions.

Sure, game engine in c++. You know it will be very very fast on its processor.

Thomas - keep up the spirit

Let me know if I can help with something.

oh my,… your project is great… I dont mind not recieving the prize, we all go through though times. Upgrading the hardware seems like a great idea, but will require more work (new toys, new format) and can open a new naming contest. Your user interface is great, and can help visualize projects.

I look forward in your new projects, and will be happy to help.

Thank you for your contribution to the community, and to everyone.