Reactivating my GHI Electronic stuff

Here is the steps I did, from your files:

  • Install VS2015 community.
  • Install MicroFrameworkSDK.MSI
  • install MS-GadgeteerCore.msi
  • Install netmfvs14.vsix

This enough to have below:

But you can not make netmf project yet, and GHI stuffs are not available yet, Next is:

  • From VS2015, go to tool, Extension and Update, select .NET Micro… and Select Enable as picture

  • Unzip, run these two file below:

Then you will get something like this:

The thing here is, probably you are in this case, I installed on two fresh computers. One is always good, no matter how many times install or unistall gadgeeter core.

Another one, after I uninstalled gageteer core, then install gadgeteer core again, the gadgeteer item doesn’t come back, mean I can’t see gadgeteer item again. I didn’t try unistall VS2015 and clear cache. But if you are in this case, you may need uninstall VS2015, clear all cached, reset computer and install VS again.

So I do have 3 computers that installed GHI gadgeteer stuff, two work fine, one seems don’t but did not try resintall VS2015. If spend more time it should work I think.


Just let you know I got the third one working. I had to remove gadgeeter core, GHI gadgeeters, but no need to re-install VS2015 yet.


Then install Gadgeeter core again. Actually I did same yesterday but it didn’t work. Today, I try again, and see that when I re-start VS2015, one or two messages say clearing cache shown up (from VS2015), it was very fast so I couldn’t capture them, but after that, Gadgateer item shown up when I make project.

Three PC are happy with Gadgeteer on VS2015 now. I guess you need uninstall and reinstall VS2015 for sure.

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Yesssss, it works.

I had to remove EVERY Visual Studio version and deleted manually all folders I could find.
Then installes the files I shared here.
Now I have also the GHI designer available, with The Hydra and Reaper boards.

Now I just need to relearn how to program.

Thank you very much for your help. :blush:

Starting scram,bling old forum entries in hope to find some old code.
Haven’t programmed in 5 years… I hope the knowledge comes back just like riding a bicycle.

But somehow can’t VS see my FEZ boards… I think I lack some drivers. :thinking:


Any ideas what I’m missing?

Greets Evul

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Just installed VS2013 Community edition with the below:

  1. Microframework.SDK.MSI
  2. netmfvs2013.vsix
  3. GadgeteerCore.msi
  4. GHIElectronics NETMF-SDK-2016 R1.exe

Everything works fine on a spare Windows 11 laptop machine. I did have to flash the firmware on the FEZ Spider using a Windows 10 machine as Windows 11 would not install/enable the serial/USB driver to flash the board. I have about 30 of the Gadgeteer Spider starter kits I used to use for teaching and wanted to have a play with it again. Glad it all works fine, though I do not have any other versions of Visual Studio installed on the laptop atm.

If I have read the above correctly, I can install VS2015 Community Edition and this will work fine with the Gadgeteer designer etc?


Yes, the designer works fine with VS 2015.
But I have driver issues with the Hardware…

I’ll try to install it on my Notebook.
Maybe a clean system can work with it.

@evul Can you talk to the bootloader?

The bootloader and NetMF use different driver, but Bootloader is simple and we just want to see if there is no problem with USB or hardware connection first.

@Dat_Tran Silly question… how do I do that?

I looked for some FEZ or GHI stuff and found this.
The FEZ Hydra board seems to be the COM4 device.

More I don’t have it seems. :thinking:

Are you using FEZ Hydra?

Are you using USB Client SP, USB Client DP module or USB Serial SP?

And what socket are you connecting to?

Hey @Dat_Tran

I started again with a very simple setup:

It’s a USB client SP.
Connected to Secket 1.
It’s a FEZ Reaper.

I have a few other boards on stock.
As Gadgeteer got discontinued I bought a bunch of parts on last order, but then didn’t use it for a few years, so I try to set it up again now since I think it would be a waste to throw it all into the trash. :frowning:

Kind regards,

First of all, we need to detect what status is on the hydra. Is it empty, bootloader or firmware on it.

Second, if you are using USB Client SP, the you have to select USB instead of Serial Port (from FEZ Config).

it’s a brand new board fresh out of the esd bag.
can’t select a device under USB.

Kind regards,

you’re using the wrong tool there. Look at Device Manager to see what appears when you plug the board in to the PC. That will tell you more than what this does.

used my reading glasses to check the components again.
Hah… it’s a USB serial SP connector.
Changed the designer too.

device pops up as COM4 USB Serial device:

But it can’t be reached with any tool I found:

FEZ red power LED is on when plugged.
The LEDs on the USB Serial SP only flicker when plugged in

done this? FEZ Reaper ( (specifically the two button Bootloader step)?

and possibly read that in conjunction with the netmf section in G80 because from all that, FezConfig will only see it if its in bootloader mode… also Bootloader ( has some more manual steps