Reactivating my GHI Electronic stuff

Hey Folks

I had a while a go an unhappy accident on my PC.
One of the HDD broke down.
Unfortunately was that the one with all my GHI Electronics stuff on it. :sob:

I have some new projects comin up for next year and would like to work again with my FEZ Hydras & Reapers.
But I haven’t done any programmin for about 5 years. So I’m totally clueless where to start.
I remember that I had to install 4 things:

  1. Visual Studio
  2. ??
  3. ??

Can anyone help me to find those files?
Since the stuff is discontinued I couldn’t find it on the reguar website anymore. :confused:

Then I have a second question.
Since I lost all my example programms that i used to copy everything to gether… is it possible to download the existing Program from the main boards?
I still have 3 working projects from where I could get almost allcoding trics that I need.


Did you check docs? Under Netmf? We keept everything we have up in case someone needed it.

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just an additional point - although GHI have all the stuff you need from their library of content and their archive of netmf parts, you may still find yourself unable to get to that point. As a hint, make sure you download the old version of Visual Studio that you will need, not just the web installer but the full ISO, as the component parts may (will) go away when you least expect it.

Plus, importantly, your code is secure on the netmf device - you (yes, even you) cannot extract it and recreate the program that you originally deployed. Yes, I know that’s a sad problem for you now, but it’s also probably time to learn GIT and store these things where you won’t lose them next time!

With deeper digging I think I found the good starting page:

I think that’s what Gus meant. :smiley:

Althoug a bunch of links don’t work anymore.
But I have now:
GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe

Let’s see how far I get with that. ^.^
Thx so far


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if you want just to develop “not to create firmware” but just to use .NET Microframework you can do it also with Visual Studio 2017/2019

and GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe

Hello folks.

Managed it to install VS2013… after a few tries.
And the GHI SDK.

Then I had a look at the page to find how to create a project.
But somehow I’m missing the page where you select the FEZ board and the accessories and then connect them to the board where they are connected physically.

Am I missing some package to do that?

Greets evul

thats the gadgeteer designer

Is that one still available somewhere?

I can’t recall exactly what you need, but the Gadgeteer core that’s released on github when Martin worked to get it released as open, is at this link.

martinca-msft/Gadgeteer: Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer is a rapid-prototyping system for building small electronic devices targetting the .Net MicroFramework. This release is a reference and starting point for the .Net MicroFramework community. (

Hey folks

Unfortunately I’m not really making any progress here. >.<
Didn’t manage to implement the “GadgeteerCore”.
On top of that it seems that the VS2013 version can’t be used anymore.
it requres an online account. (Which I had back then) but the login is disabled it seems. :confused:

If VS can’t be used anymore… then I guess I can trash my 2 boxes ull of GHI parts. >.<

Does really nobody have those 4 files from back then?

  • Visual Studio (A usable version)
  • .Net framework
  • FEZ drivers
  • GHI designer


try VS2015?

Yes try VS2015. Make sure you go to extension and update to install “.NET Micro Framework project system”
Also you need to create a file called “DebuggerBrowsableState.cs” with the following code in it:

namespace System.Diagnostics
    public enum DebuggerBrowsableState
        Never = 0,
        Collapsed = 2,
        RootHidden = 3

Ok… starting from scratch again:

  • Installed VS 2015 community edition
  • extension and update to install “.NET Micro Framework project system” → doesn’t exist
  • where to place “DebuggerBrowsableState.cs” ?
  • Installed MS NETMF QFE2
  • Installed 02_GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe

VS2015: create new project: No GHI stuff available. :confused:

What now?


What language? I remember sometimes there were issues with non-English languages.

using the english version.

what does it mean, please?

You can download .NET Micro Framework project system from here:

You can place DebuggerBrowsableState.cs anywhere whithin the project.

Ok, that worked. It is now enabled in the “extension and update” tab.
What is required next?
Still can’t select GHI products when creating a new project.

Greets evul

Are you missing the gadgeteer support?

Are you sure you’ve installed
GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1