Reactivating my GHI Electronic stuff

Yes, is definitely installed.

Else I need to download all data to the modules and try to get em running with Arduino or so. >.<

Don’t think you will need to download anything else to get NETMF running.

SDK is installed but I can’t select any GHI projects in any .Net Frameworks
Any possibility to add it manually?

can you select on left Micro Framework instead Visual C#

Hmm, no GHI project available in any .Net version. :confused:


now select on right console application :wink:

What do you want it to say?

I remeber that there used to be something like “Gadgeteer Project” and then the GHI designer opened where ya could select the FEZ board and all the components that were connected to it and where.

From there on I started programming my stuff.
I still have some FEZ Hydras and Reapers and I try since a while to get that SW running again. >.<

I believe there were gadgeteer SDKs from Microsoft and ghi? Did you install?

Not sure.
I Installed:

  • 01_vs2015.3.com_enu.iso
  • 02_GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe
  • 03_NetMFVS14.vsix
  • 04_MicroFrameworkSDK.MSI

I have something called:
But it seems I can only install this to VS 2017, which requires a license. >.<

This should help you understand what is necessary to resurrect a Gadgeteer development environment:

All the files you need may be here:

I have accepted that Gadgeteer is dead.

I Assume the main problem is, that the GHI stuff is all made for VS2013… but that one can’t be used anymore.
VS2015 can be used but it can’t work with GHI stuff. :confused:

Is at least somewhere the Hardware documentation available?
Then I can maybe use it at least with Arduino or so.

Greets evul

Start here:

I can still use Visual Studio 2013 with NETMF 4.3 and Gadgeteer on my Windows 10 PC. Did you try to register VS 2013 in the menu (Help Tab)?

The thingy is, that the service to login seems to be no longer available.
I get this pop-up and can’t do anything outside of it.
When I try to sign in I get another pop-up.

Pressing “order online” I just get to the up-to-date VS page. :confused:

Perhaps you can try this solution. I didn’t try it because it still works for me.
windows - ‘The Online Service is not available’ Issue in Visual Studio Professional 2013 with Update 5 - Stack Overflow

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Send us all setup file you have then I will try when I have time.

About the screenshot above, you need to have an account and sign in.

It is totally wrong. I am not sure what you did on your PC, here is my case

There was a problem with VS2013 on Win10 (because of Window10 is very new to VS2013 I guess), I don’t remember exactly, but 2015 will fix it, at least on my PC.
I still recommend using 2015.

exactly this is what I’m looking for.
I have this stuff installed:

04_GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe

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