Raspberry Pi 3 to sport onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

In this industry if you stand still, you get passed by.



Interestingly, they say here [url]https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-3-on-sale/[/url] that they will be releasing a Rapsberry Pi 3 Compute Module (SOM) in the next few months, and that it is already being demonstrated at partner events.

On sale now for $35!!!

Finding one is the hard part - Adafruit and Farnell both seem to be out of or pending stock. Not that I have time for it this month…


In stock at the moment.

For more details about this new Pi and some nice specs you can go here

The big Q in this forum is wether or not it will run Windows IoT. Wondering why they didn’t add another gig of ram to the new one… probably couldn’t keep it at the magic $35. Other than the small annoyance of using up a couple USB ports for WiFi and BLE, I’ve been very pleased with the performance of numero duo, so I’ll be waiting for (official) support for Windows.

Also the others do not stand still:

  • Amlogic ARM® Cortex®-A53(ARMv8) 2Ghz quad core CPUs
  • Mali™-450 GPU (3 Pixel-processors + 2 Vertex shader processors)
  • 2Gbyte DDR3 SDRAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI 2.0 4K/60Hz display
  • H.265 4K/60FPS and H.264 4K/30FPS capable VPU
  • 40pin GPIOs + 7pin I2S
  • eMMC5.0 HS400 Flash Storage slot / UHS-1 SDR50 MicroSD Card slot
  • USB 2.0 Host x 4, USB OTG x 1 (power + data capable)
  • Infrared(IR) Receiver
  • Ubuntu 16.04 or Android 5.1 Lollipop based on Kernel 3.14LTS

Worldwide shipping


I think no support for Windows IoT only Linux with Mono oder .Net Core.

I have no direct experience with the Hardkernel boards (Odroid etc), but the grapevine says that the support isn’t great. OS builds come rarely or never, some stuff simply never works, and the community, being much smaller, can’t provide as much help. While I think that the hardware is much more capable per dollar (on paper, at least), there’s a certain amount of safety to be had by living in a large herd :slight_smile:

Man, this sucks. I just purchased a Rpi2, the WIFi and Bluetooth dongles to go with it. The dongles are still shipping from Amazon!

Not to step on anyone toes, but I have to say that the grapevine is not correct. Support has been great for me, and owning 4 of their boards I never ran into one hitch with them. They have all been rock solid performers. OS updates for the boards I use are updated.

If i had to go to the moon, and needed to pick between RPI or hardkernel to be the brains of the craft I would pick Hardkernel without even batting an eye. They just kick the pants off RPI. IMHO of course.

@ VersaModule - That sounds interesting. I have not looked at the HardKernel products, but do they also provide onboard Wifi or require a dongle ?

Did you have them as “signature required” ?

Because you can just decline delivery, and they go back automatically.

I use a freight forwarder, so there is no option to decline delivery.

Win10IoT is confirmed on RPi3 http://ms-iot.github.io/content/en-US/win10/WhatsNew.htm


Show of hands: All who have a RPi3 on order.

I heard from the announcement video, that the entire Microsoft IoT team was there in the demo area after. Would it have taken much to get Windows IoT working on 64Bit Pi?

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@ Mr. John Smith - 2 on order from Element 14

not me. I have an underutilised RPi2 :slight_smile:

What a strange question that is. Do you think there’s a linkage between having lots of people at a press event and technical effort that goes on behind the scenes?

I’d urge you to read the link I sent earlier - there’s more to the RPi3 than just a new platform. Given the open source BSP there’s obviously a larger effort going on to give more exposure to the community to drive innovation forward there. I’d say that this alone is a pretty mammoth effort - admittedly not all technical.

@ Brett - Yea I read that link; so It’s a mammoth technical effort then :slight_smile:

@ Mr. John Smith - I’m holding off as I don’t have time right now for any Pi 3 work, plus I’m thinking I’m going to combine an order for a Pi Zero and some other goodies together later. My Pi 2’s are good enough for what I’m doing at the moment, but I’ll pickup some Pi 3’s later (likely after MS has added support for the onboard WiFi & Bluetooth).

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