Raspberry Pi 3 to sport onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

[em]Change is inevitable, so it is worth noting that GPIO pins 35 & 47 as well as the onboard LED have been removed from the Raspberry Pi 3. Any projects you’ve built using this will only work with the Raspberry Pi 2.[/em]

What? GPIO pin 47 was my favorite pin! I named him “gp-DOG 47izzle”. That’s a deal breaker.

Actually, I think they just moved the onboard led.

Well, it looks like no one can order a RPi from newark and get it before April 4th! Sigh, that sucks.

There will be cheaper clones available by then… :think:

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I got a March 21st date.

@ Mike - The support guy I was talking with canceled mine by mistake, after I asked “can I cancel?” Was a question not a request. Now I’m gonna try getting it from Sparkfun instead :frowning:

My 2 Pi 3’s arrived today from Element 14. much quicker than I expected.

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Does anyone have any info on when MS might release a windows10_IoT for the rpi3 that supports the integrated wifi and bluetooth?

I got a chance to borrow an rpi3 for a few days.

I power it from an aliexpress battery pack, and a microsoft keyboard and mouse. The only cable connected is the HDMI (and the battery pack), and a dongle for the keyboard/mouse, and I am running UbuntuMate 15.10, connected to my company’s wifi. Bluetooth on UbuntuMate isnt quite working yet. It is great not having to use an additional USB Hub (the usb ports can power 1.2a now)

It runs minecraft like a dream, lol. The Ubuntu desktop actually feels like I’m using a standard laptop. CPU usage rarely tops out on any of the 4 cpu cores. Raspbian works well too.

I am eagerly awaiting the Windows Iot core image that supports the wifi and bluetooth! There’s enough power in this thing for a decent Win10 mini desktop GUI/shell/application picker, without any overclocking.

UbuntuMate 15.10

April on WiFi. Not sure on bluetooth date



@ Pete - Is this via insider or GA ?